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At EA Worldview, we value the benefit of civilised, engaged discussion and debate about the news we are covering. We also want you to be able to interact with and inspire each other.

For that constructive dialogue, we moderate our comment space and will remove comments that violate our Terms of Service. Repeated offenders will be banned without notice.

We reserve the right to remove or edit comments. Reasons why comments may be deleted include:

  • Spam --- including comments that are just a link to your blog without adding to the discussion.
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Two suggestions to help us make the comment space a friendly and productive area:

  • Please do give thoughtful responses to less well-informed commenters.
  • Please do flag comments that violate our policies. But please use your flagging powers wisely.

About Disqus

  •  EA WorldView uses the Disqus commenting system, which affords our readers far more control over the comments they leave. Instead of your comments being locked in to EA WorldView, they are available to you at your personal Disqus profile page.
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How to comment

  • You can add a comment in the box below each post. There are two ways to comment:
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