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EA Worldview is 3 years old!



At EA Worldview we were so busy with daily news and analysis that we forgot to celebrate our 3rd birthday.

We ventured into the cyber-world on 3 November 2008, live-blogging the election of President Obama the following evening and quickly looking towards the big stories in US foreign policy. Soon, however, we were shifting --- because we saw a need for day-to-day reporting and interpretation of vital international developments --- into coverage of the Iran, North Africa, and the Middle East as well as attention to long-standing arenas for US policy and military action such as Afghanistan and Pakistan.

From that 2008 election to the death of Muammar Gadaffi last month to today's reading of a significant speech by Iranian President Ahmadinejad, EA Worldview’s all-volunteer team has tried to bring part of the globe to you each day. And we hope to do even more in the next year: on our wish list is expansion of our coverage to areas such as China and Latin America.

If you can, help us celebrate with a donation towards our "present" of that coverage. You can do so via PayPal by clicking the button below. If you can’t use PayPal, drop us a line and we can arrange an alternate method.

Best, if belated, birthday wishes to all our writers, commentators, contributors on "new" media, and readers for their continued support. We would not be blowing out the candles (and lighting them back up) except for you.

The EAWV team