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Palestine: The Acceptable Taking of an Innocent Life

september_6_2005_israeli_soldier_points_his_gun_at_journalists_photo_by_nayef_hashlamounaOn Friday, April 17, an Israeli soldier fired a high-velocity tear gas canister at short range towards demonstrators on the West Bank. The canister, which is only supposed to be fired from distance, hit 30-year-old Basim Abu Rahmah in the head. He was killed instantly.

If you are wondering how Israeli soldiers could be unconcerned --- not careless but unconcerned --- with the possible consequences of firing upon against innocent people who were protesting the wall that separated their village, Bilin, from the rest of the West Bank, please watch the video below (caution: there are disturbing scenes)


No rational individual should endorse any anti-Semitic statement or action. However, no rational individual should endorse a mentality that hides behind pretexts to justify the killing of an unarmed man protesting against 'injustice’ in a non-violent demonstration.