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Iran Document: Mehdi Karroubi "We Will Make The Nation Victorious"

From Karroubi website Saham News, translated by the Facebook page supporting Mir Hossein Mousavi:

Mehdi Karroubi in a meeting with a group of former members of Parliament emphasized: “Resistance against breaking the law and efforts in trying to return the constitution’s rule to the country will for sure defeat them (hardliners) and will make the nation victorious.”

Karroubi also stressed: “Promoting awareness is the responsibility of every one of us.” He warned, “The evidences indicate that a new wave of psychological warfare has started.” He added, “The political parties are essential for a country. One cannot govern a country by shutting down political parties.”

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The Latest from Iran (26 April): Points of View

Karroubi, pointing out the recent threats by hardliners aimed at those reformist members of Parliament who visited him and Mir Hossein Mousavi for the Persian New Year, said, “They [the Government] are after gaining full control over the parliament and showing that the members of Parliament are useless [by themselves].”

Those reformist members of Parliament who have visited Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi or raised concerns over the results of the presidential elections have been confronted and threatened with disqualification in the next election by the Guardian Council.

Karroubi added, “Opposition to Freedom and the republic of the people is not written on the forehead of anyone so that it can be determined easily, but rather it can be determined according to the actions of individuals. Aren’t confronting the Parliament and downgrading its high stature [as in the Ahmadinejad battle with the Majlis over subsidy cuts], the same as ignoring people’s votes?"

The former speaker of the parliament, addressed the hardliners, stressed: “Wake up! Here is Iran, and you are Iranians. It has been more than a hundred years since this nation's movement toward democracy started.”

Mehdi Karroubi warned the authorities, “The fact that you think by intimidation and creating atmosphere of fear you can gain control over Parliament and govern the country shows your lack of political wisdom as well as your disorganized minds and your incompetence in managing the country."

At the end, Karroubi, by honouring Teachers’ Week and Workers’ Day, congratulated all teachers and workers and prayed for the prosperity of these two hard-working classes of society and that their problems would be solved soon.

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