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Iran: The Mousavi 4-Point Message "Who Defends the Islamic Republic?"

Radio Zamaneh adds more English translations of Mir Hossein Mousavi's speech to war veterans on Sunday. The themes, put forth in a series of Mousavi declarations over the last week, are now well-established:

1. The Government is not the defender of Islam and the Islamic Republic.

“Islam does not beat people up; it does not arrest people; it does not slander people; it does not lock people up and create restrictions.”

The Latest from Iran (26 April): Points of View

2. The Iranian opposition is the defender of Islam and the Islamic Republic.

“We have not left the vessel of Islam. And as Muslims, we want to act in ways that will not disappoint our younger generation.”

3. Use of all possible media by as many people as possible -- "We Are the Media" --- is necessary to get out points 1 and 2.

"We must update our methods. Now that we do not have newspapers, we must find new ways. While we still pursue the possibility of newspapers, we must persist in informing the public through virtual media, gatherings, the family and the word of mouth.”

4. This message should address all of Iran's people --- villagers, farmers, tradespeople, workers and teachers --- and all their concerns.

“We must tell them that this kind of life [in Iran today] is below their dignity.”

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