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Iran's Detained Journalists: EA's (Vicarious) Confrontation with Foreign Minister Mottaki

On Saturday, thanks to our German Bureau, we posted a list of 101 journalists who have been detained during the post-election crisis. Imagine my surprise when an EA reader sent me evidence of how quickly and how far that list may have spread. An extract from an interview by Austria's Die Presse of Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki, who was in Vienna for discussion of Tehran's nuclear programme:

Iran: The List of 101 Journalists Who Have Been Jailed
The Latest from Iran (27 April): An Opposition Wave?

Die Presse: Iran must make a credible case that the nuclear program is for civilian purposes.

Mottaki: What should we do? We have agreed a few years ago the position of all our nuclear activities, we have agreed to cooperate fully with the International Atomic Energy Agency. What did we get in return? Nothing. We have no interest in nuclear weapons. When Iraq used poison gas against our soldiers, did we respond with weapons of mass destruction? No. Weapons of mass destruction are not part of our defense doctrine.

Die Presse: Another issue I have here a list of the names of more than 100 imprisoned journalists and political analysts. Amnesties and releases were a gesture of good will.

Mottaki: Stick to the nuclear issue.

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