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Obama & The Terrorism Scare: Scott Lucas on BBC Radio 5

MICROPHONEI followed BBC correspondent Gordon Corera this morning in discussing the significance of President Obama's statement last night that there had been "systemic failure" leading to last week's attempt to blow up an airliner flying from Amsterdam to Detroit. The item begins just after the 2:07:00 mark in the programme.

Reader Comments (3)

Will listen later.

This morning Dutch Interior Minister Ter Horst announced that body scans will be introduced three weeks from now at Amsterdam Schiphol airport for all passengers flying to the US. To safeguard privacy, the software in the 15 body scanners will be fixed so no security personnel will actually have to watch the screen while people are being scanned.

December 30, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterCatherine


The systematic failure is the inability of the administration to identify the true source. That source is the view espoused by these fanatics that puritanically speaking all must submit to Islam. Yes western foreign policy, colonialism, and the Israeli Arab conflict have their effect but they are events based in time. Fudamentally speaking the Quran is not a contexual document but a transcendent message from God good for all time. When that scripture says all must submit and people believe it you will have problems regarless of current events. Current events only enflame it. The failure of our administration and the West in general is to identify this and deal with it. The ideology espoused by the Muslim Brotherhood, Deobandi's, Wahhabi's, and the Coup regime of Iran all have clear goals of supremacy. They trully except no other truth "than their Islam" and that is the problem.

The problem is futher compounded because, unlike any other faith based group, their scripture condones this and instructs the followers how to achieve this. They don't believe in democracy as we see it, universal human rights, gender equality, and the sanctity of other religions(compare the Universal Decleration of Human Rights respective to the Cario version.) It is why year after year the worlds worst human right abusers are almost all Islamic states. Its why Pew just did a recent study on relgious restricions by state and the Islamic world ranked the worst yet again. Here is the report:

It is a long report but if you look at the charts on pages 15,16,25, and 26 you will see the rankings. One has to ask himself why. Why is it that the Islamic world, unlike any other demographic group, exhibits such a hard time getting along with and accepting those of other faiths? Some will call me an Islamophobe but regardless I challenge them to answer why. I want us to all get along but someone needs to point out the plank embed in their eye.


December 31, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterBill

Yeah, no rush to judgement -- like the previous terror attack at Ft. Hood, Napolitano and Co. ruled out the Islamist motive (no Qaeda link). The denial seems almost reflexive. How can these agencies operate effectively with this reflexive denial?

December 31, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterDave

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