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Iran Video Special (2): Decoding the 22 Bahman Rally in Azadi Square

EA correspondent Mr Verde offers an in-depth reading of this extended clip, filmed during President Ahmadinejad's speech in Azadi Square on Thursday:


The Latest from Iran (12 February): The Day After 22 Bahman

The beginning of the footage, which looks like it is taken from the southeast corner of Azadi Square:

The crowd are quiet and relaxed and it looks as if it is footage from any grassy patch where people would sit and “picnic”. As you can see, it shows people getting comfortable for a long wait. This trying to get comfortable is to the point that a someone (around the 00:38 mark) has used a poster of Khamenei and Khomeini to sit on in order not to get dirt on their trousers. (Remember the "disrespecting of Khomeini's photo" allegation over the demonstrations on 7 December?). This is not a political rally to “gouge out the eye of sedition”, as the regime wants to demonstration. It is a (possibly forced) day out for people and their families. And people are doing their best to cope with it, such as the guy who is fast asleep (around the 1:18 mark) or the kids who are playing football (at the 1:29 mark).

There is very little sign of support for the Government or indeed the regime. For example take note of the lady in chador carrying a photo of Khomeini and Khamenei and looking very serious about it (2:19 mark). She has one person accompanying her. No one else seems to be the least bit interested in making any political or ideological point. The same goes for the van with the sound system on the back (2:38 mark). It is being ignored by almost everyone whom it passes. The only people who are taking serious note of it are two kids who are trying to climb the back of it as a prank. (Also note that the van has red Government plates; Government vehicles are supposed to be used for specific purposes for which they are bought, not carrying sound systems in a rally.)

At the 3:14 mark, a man is selling CDs titled “Green Sedition” for 500 toman (just over $0.50). Presumably its contents try to prove that Mousavi, Karroubi, etc. are enemy agents.

From the 3:27 mark, the footage is from the center of Azadi Square. (The podium is always erected on the north side of Azadi Square, so that the photos and videos of the speeches and military parades have the Alborz mountain arrange in the background. At least this was the original idea, but these days all you see in the background is pollution). Again people are not paying any attention to what is being said. They are just trying to pass the time. As the camera moves from underneath the Azadi monument, you could see a few police officers who are holding private conversations and three Red Crescent first-aid personnel who are standing around idly. You will also see a lot of rubbish on the ground which looks like posters that have been discarded. Again not a sign of support. You will also notice that the general flow of the people is away from the podium and towards Azadi Avenue to the east (later footage will show why this is so).

Notice the Red Crescent first-aid assistant holding a poster of Khamenei (4:24 mark). This is an employee who is told to hold the poster, and this sign of “regime” is ignored by everyone around him. It is in fact being ignored by the sign bearer himself (look how he’s just letting it fall over his shoulder while he holds a conversation at 4:31 mark). Even on the north side and so close to the podium you’ll notice people laying down and taking a nap (5:40 mark).

Take note of the place in his speech where Ahmadinejad is saying that, within the next 5 to 10 years, Iran will become the world’s preeminent power (6:08 mark). This is where people would usually say allah-o-akhbar to support this grand statement (allah-o-akhbar in this case is like a standing ovation is the West). But in this case the crowd around the cameraman is completely silent. It looks like no one was listening to what he was saying, but even when the crowd in the distance (those in front of the podium) breaks out into chants of allah-o-akhbar, the people around the cameraman are completely indifferent. It looks like they just don’t care. The sound of the allah-o-akhbar sounds as if it is coming from several thousand people at best.

From the 6:35 mark the footage is of Azadi Avenue. Again people are just milling around, oblivious to the speech and the task of fighting the sedition. At the 6:40 mark, there seems to be an official (I cannot identify him) surrounded by a handful of people. If the support for the government was high, you’d expect people to gather around him in the thousands and to follow him purposefully, not to rush forward to just take a photo (mind you, if I was there, I too would take a photo to take home and ask friends and family, who is this guy?). Compare this to the way Mousavi, Karoubi, Khatami, etc. are treated by their supporters.

There is a larger crown milling around in between the stalls (7:16 mark onwards), but again the two men with the posters (7:19-7:25 mark) are completely ignored.

The flag at the 7:27 mark is interesting. Even inside the lion’s den, someone has had the courage to cut out the Islamic Republic emblem from the flag, and someone else has had the opportunity to film it on the ground. No one seems to care that an Iranian flag is just thrown onto the ground, and worse still it is missing the Islamic Republic's emblem. There is no sign of zeal or indeed any belief here.

The only sign of interest of the crowd or any energetic activity is close to the buses(7:47), where either street sellers are offering something or something is being given out for free.

I would take this footage seriously. It goes to show the extent to which “supporters” care about the Government and the regime.

Reader Comments (35)

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February 12, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterAuf Khomenei sitzen « FR

What is striking is the majority of the women in long black chadors. Is this because they are conservative, or are they dressed for the occasion ?

I looked up 'women in chadors' and there was this old article :,9171,948375,00.html

Interesting what the woman says in it.

February 12, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterpessimist

[...] that the regime does enjoy the support of several million loyalists. However, after viewing this video clip and its accompanying analysis of the crowd’s lacklustre zeal, I find even that [...]

February 12, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterTehranto » Blog Archive

[...] America hat eine Analyse dieses Videos (auf Englisch) [...]

[...] Enduring America: Iran Video Special (2): Decoding the 22 Bahman Rally in Azadi Square [...]

To pessimist...

The "chadoris" are more religious women. Those who wear the chador are much more religious which more or less leads to being more conservative (although i hesitate to make generalizations)

February 13, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterDC

thanx DC

February 13, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterpessimist

Although this video does show a lack of "zeal" for AN and what he is saying - perhaps it also shows a total apathy of these people towards the situation in Iran. If there is to be any hope of Regime change in Iran, it will be these people who will have become "motivated". Even in Democracies, it is the "swinging" voters that determine the outcome of the day, not the committed supporters of two opposing sides.


February 13, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBarry

This is an excellent addition to the perspective in which all these official celebrations must be put. Thanks to Mr Verde for the commentary. It looks (in part) like what people normally do when they go to a park :-).
I was amused to see that the person who uploaded this on YouTube posted it under the 'comedy' category.

February 13, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterCatherine

The video you posted reminds me of the discussion we had several months ago when you posted this video:

I watched parts of Ahmadinejad's speech on Feb 11 as well as arial footage of the event. The crowed appeared far denser throughout the square and waving flags and holding signs. It appears to me that the video you posted above is also created by adding Ahmadinejad's speech to the footage of the crowed gathering before the event got started.

Eye witness accounts both on Feb 11th and Dec 30th tell of multi million person turnouts at government rallies.

The systematic practice of discounting the government's support is a practice spearheaded by opposition forces based outside of Iran. Unfortunately, the effect of repeating these claims is two fold:

1. US policy makers who find the comprehensive nature of the information on your site useful may rely on this misinformation to make tactically disastrous decisions about Iran.

2. Iranians inside Iran who expect careful objectivity from an organization like yours to also take ill-conceived actions that would endanger their lives.

February 13, 2010 | Unregistered Commenternima


Much appreciated. I posted both the video and the note of the Google footage to spark discussion, given difficulties of establishing the "true" numbers at the event.

So I leave it to readers to judge --- 1. Is the Google "snapshot" authentic? 2. Could the video evaluated by Mr Verde have been "distorted" by adding sound of Ahmadinejad's speech on top of footage shot before the rally?

Meanwhile, I would be grateful for any references to eyewitnesses --- as opposed to Iranian state media --- who claim multi-million turnout at the Azadi Square rally.


February 13, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterScott Lucas

Assessing a Google Map from Azadi Square on 22 Bahman: Buses ella mashallah ;-)

February 14, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterArshama


Thank you very much. The problem with the Time figure is that is simply taken from an (unidentified) source --- "nearly a million according to one estimate". More important for me are the account that you heard about Ashura and the videos. I will have a look at these and encourage readers to do so as well.


February 14, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterScott Lucas


Thanks --- to me the most important footage are the sections of the helicopter footage and the top right box of the IRIB footage which have the "missile" that was put up in Azadi for the rally. That establishes authenticity of footage from the day --- that said, the footage is not incompatible with the Google aerial shot that has been mentioned by readers here. Definitely lots of people on one side of the square and on the approach to Azadi on that square. No way to establish, however, the scope of the attendance beyond that side, e.g., "the Square was full".

So, for me, the uncertainty continues over the day. However, beyond that, what I wonder is --- will we see demonstrations of support for the regime apart from these periodic setpieces? Will there be a spontaenous rally?


February 14, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterScott Lucas

I just had a chat with a 25 year old who was at February 11th rally. While he does support the regime, he seems to be a genuinely good person and I do not think he would lie. I am going to post the chat in Persian fully without edits. Here are the highlights:

1. He estimates 2-3 million people.
2. He himself marched 9 kilometer from Ariyashahr to Azadi and then to Navab.
3. He saw the crowd all the way to Pol Hafiz.
4. The main crowd was moving and did not fill the square.
5. There was an area away from this path that was designated for the speech which was quickly filled.

I think this explains a lot of the ambiguity, matches with the videos and also the Google image.

salam agha. chetori?
شما خوبی؟
khoda ra shokr
چه خبرا؟
ma inja kheili az video hay mouzik shoma lezat mibarim
kheili ba hal mikhanid
shoma dar rahpeimai 22 bahman boodid?
ممنونم ... شما محبت دارید
بله بودم
chetor bood?
خیلی خوب و عالی .. خیلی شلوغ بود .. باورم نشد
meidan azadi, chegadresh por bood?
مردم حرکت می کردند
میدان زیاد پر نبود چون اکثر مردم حرکت می کردن
میامدن میادن بر می گشتد
و یا از انقلاب به سمت آریا شهر می رفتند
hata vaghti ahmadinejad har mizad, mardom harekat mikardand?
خب چاره ای نبود ... جمعیت زیاد بود نمی تونست ثابت باشه
یه عده خودشون رو رسدون به نزدیک جایگاه
اونجا خارج از راه بود
که اونجا هم سرع پر شد
jayghah chi?
برای سخنرانی یه محدوده دست می کنند به اسم جایگاه
fekr mikonid, chegadr jamiyat bood?
من از آریا شهر حرکت کردم
تا نواب هم رفتم
از آریا شهر تا آزادی نزدیک 4 کیلومتره از آزادی تا نواب نزدیک 5 کیلومتر
البته جمعیت تا پل حافظ دیدم رفته
عکساش هست
تا اونجایی که من بودم فقط در تهران بیشتر از 2-3 میلیون باید باشه
rahpeimai chand rooz baad az ashoura ra ham rafti?
oon bishtar bood ya 22 bahman
عاشورا که کسی نبود
فقط چهار راه ولیعصر شلوغ شد یه خورده
na khod ashoura na
chand rooz bad tazahorat be naf jomhori eslami
اون روز هم خیلی زیاد بود
pas mesl ham boodand?
ئ 9 دی مردم بغض عجیبی داشتند
بد جوری فریاد می زدند
chi mighoftand?
کافی بود یکی آدرس موسوی با کروبی رو پخش می کرد همه میرختن تو خونشون
merci agha, kehili mamnoon.
قربانت عزیز دل

February 14, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterNima


We get a lot of posters here who are vehemently opposed to the Regime - we also get posters (who are often not very articulate - at least, in English) who are very opposed to the "greens", we also get pro-regime posters who mock the Greens.

But we seldom get a Regime supporter who can give an open honest account of why they do support the Regime. Most supporters immediately launch into tirades against Israel, the US,etc - but they never discuss reasons which do not involve obvious propaganda.

It would be great if we could get some "honest" Regime supporters here. Someone who could tell us about the positive achievements of the Iranian Regime - without the spin.


February 14, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBarry


Thank you very much for this, which adds much to the discussion. I would be interested, if your friend was able and willing, to get his assessment of the mood of the crowd. Was it enthusiastic? Was it a crowd supporting Ahmadinejad and the Government or was it more of a general support for the Islamic Republic?


February 14, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterScott Lucas


I find it hilarious that the accompanying music to your second video is an Iranian version of American RAP music - that "great Satan" is certainly invasive.


February 14, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBarry

@Scott, I will ask him next time I find him online.
@Barry, actually, I was pretty surprised to hear Rap from the supporters of the IRI too. I suggest you contact the producer of the video via their YouTube account and ask them about it. I think it would be an interesting conversation.

February 15, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterNima


I met a fellow Iranian just came to US,he is green-antigovernment-.He has been in the Azadi square where many others were supposed to be to make there green.However, due to the fact that regime has pulled all his anti riot police and basij forces,fully armed, from all over the country and harrassment atmosphere could not manoeuver.He watched this footage and fully supported the fact.
just some question from this supporter of Ahmadinejad "Nima" who insists baselessly to add number of the regime supporters to 2-3 million.!!

1-The time of the google footage was when speech has already been started so almost all participant been gathered.

2-one of the main problem and claim Iranian have with this repressive regime is that this regime is the biggest liar of the Iranian history.they all chanting in the numerous protests since the fraudulant election : Ahmadinejad ,the liar , where is your 63%? -vote-
No wonder why his supporters are very much tending to lie too.pointing out to the guy in chat with "Nima".so much so for the state media and state TV.(there is no single private and independant Tv in Iran.)

3-IF the opponent of the repressive regime are in minority why so much fear from their presence,why pulling thousands of State police and basidj to a place they want to demonstrate.

4-why all invited foreign media were caged just in a small place in Azadi square and banned to report and broadcast from any other streets , and having interview with other Iranian.

5-and A BIG QUESTION: it is more than 8 months Iranian People and the Green movement leaders are asking permit of a free,silent -,absoluteloy silent-gathering in a remote desert around Tehran-and not even in Tehran - to show their numbers.

February 17, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterNasrin

Dear Nasrin,

I am not an Ahmadinejad supporter. All I was saying was that the video posted above and especially the commentary following it do not reflects the facts of that day. I am also certainly not green. You greens can keep on telling yourselves that the regime has no support among the people and keep going to the streets over and over again with no success. If Ahmadinejad's speech and the rally had poor attendance, how do you explain the footage I posted above?

1. Tehran is a city of 12 million, to expect that out of that many 2-3 million would not be on the government's side is just wishful thinking. While the polls prior to the elections varied widely, none showed a landslide for the greens. when you claim that a vast majority of the people support the greens and that the government has very little support, all you are doing is lying to yourselves and setting yourselves up for failure.

2. Green leaders have called for mass strike over and over again. If the greens had a strong majority, then those calls would have resulted in mass strikes. We all know that mass strikes are what broke the Shah's regime 30 years ago. Why aren't the greens able to do the same to this government if they have the numbers?

3. Basij alone has 12 million members, and a vast majority of them are not only Ahmadinejad supporters, but campaigned heavily for him. If each member of Basij managed to influence one additional person, maybe a mother or a father, then Ahmadinejad would easily get his 24 million votes.

4. Ahmadinejad is a very clever politician. He knows how to organize his followers, how to influence them, and how to keep them loyal. While his messaging disgusts you and your peers, it deeply resonates with large segments of the Iranian populace. He spent considerable time in the last 4 years criss crossing the country speaking at rallies. People who had never seen a head of state for the first time saw him. He had been campaigning non-stop for 4 years. Please note that I do not condone this behavior. But it worked.

5. While Ahmadinejad's looks, the way he dresses, and the way he talks disgusts you, it is exactly how his followers dress, look and talk. Remember how George Bush's behavior resonated with middle America? It is the same. The lower classes believe he is one of them, they like him. They support him.

6. Ahmadinejad's policies have had an impact on his base. He raised the salaries of pensioners and government employees. He gave free health insurance to women who work from home (3 million carpet weavers among them). He built 37,000 low income housing units. He distributed thousands of free tractors to villages so they could more easily work the land. He allowed for the first time in Iranian history classes in Azeri language and a degree in Azeri from Azarbaijan's universities. Mousavi who is from Azerbaijan never did that. Ahmadinejad's government has brought electricity to thousand of villages. No wonder these people voted for him. These policies did not affect the upper middle classes and above. But did affect millions of lower classes that supported him. By and large those people are not on Facebook, Twitter, or even have internet access. But they do show up at these types of rallies and will sacrifice their lives when the time comes. It was hundreds of thousands of these same people that went to the war with Iraq and died.

7. The greens did show their numbers in a peaceful rally that happened a few days after the election. We all saw the photos and videos. There were at least one million people there, maybe 2, maybe 3. If you look at the official votes, you see that Tehran was split 50/50. so a multi million rally for the greens is also reasonable just as a multi-million rally on February 11th is not only reasonable but happened as can be clearly seen from the videos and photographs of the event.

8. Please note that no where here or before, I have tried to defend the regime or Ahmadinejad. My only argument is that you have seriously underestimated the support of the regime and this underestimation has led to tactics and strategies that have and will fail. Until the greens reassess the strength of the other side and retool to take that in to account, they are doomed to suffer defeat after defeat.

February 17, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterNima


You don't support Ahmadinejad - you don't defend the Regime - you are not a Green.

I can then only ask - who/what do you support??

February 17, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBarry


Dear Nima,

Do you like Sandis ?

February 18, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMasood


Nice touch adding Farsi text to validate your hearsay. Nice try body but no thanks.

A person in Tehran watching Seda V Sima, the government-run broadcasting station, said Seda V Sima was showing crowd- waving flag while Ahmadi was yakking away his usual nonsense. She, however, said the images of flag-waving people showed a sunny day in Tehran and yet at that moment the sky was covered with cloud. A few eye witnesses at Azadi Sq. confirmed that indeed sky above Azadi Sq. was cloudy and not sunny when Ahmadi was enjoying the sound of his own voice. Furthermore, she and a few others who were watching events broadcasted by Seda V Sima said they could hear people in the background and from distance chanting “Marg Br Dictator” while Ahmadi was speaking. The chant of “Marg Br Dictator" (death to the dictator) was also confirmed by a few who were at North East part of Azadi Square. Conclusion? Seda V Sima was showing images from a past event and it was adding Ahmadi’s voice to that film.

I am one hundred percent with Nasrin that Islamic Republic Lies. It has lied through its ugly teeth for 31 years and it will continue to do so until self destruct.

Do you remember the lesson we were taught in second or third grade about Choupaane Dourogh Gou (the shepherd boy who cried wolf when there was no wolf)? That is the story of IR and its shameful actors and supporters – nothing they say is believable. No intelligent person any place in Iran or outside Iran will buy IR rubbish anymore. Please. if you have any respect for yourself and those who have died in the hands of this regime, do not participate in their deceit and web of lies.

With regard to your concerns that our policy makers in the US may make bad decisions based on EA commentaries or Videos that it posts, I say do not worry. Our policy makers have access to information generated by sophisticated satellite system and imaging technologies and they can see what is unfolding in Iran. They do not need to read EA. The US has technology that can see the license plate of your car and much more from thousands of feet above the earth. I know because I worked on one.

February 19, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMegan


Never expect "Nima" to tell you he is supporter of Ahmadinejad: why ?
1-Simply because these supporters of a liar regime will never tell you the truth.
Nobody who lives in a free society like USA likes to have the hall mark of this Buffoon (A.N .)
They always say, We are not supporting Ahmadinejad but.....,we have not voted for Ahmadinejad but... But what ? But you are repeating his crap , defending a barbaric ,authoritarian ,stone age regime who has no credit among majority of Iranian especially educated and informed people .same in the world.
He is defending Khameneie dictator and his middle aged Mullah’s regime.
2-These people denying Google true and undeniable footages as well as independent media and young Iranian students scientific calculations of the population presence in the Azadi square but easily stick to the photos and videos manipulated by State TV to fool some people and telling them there have been millions of people willingly come to streets defending dictator and his puppet Ahmadi Nejad (A.N) !
All the former sources have estimated max nr of people attended in Azadi square -either as government employees and some factory labors or peasants from far or nearby villages pulled forcefully under supervision of their bosses and factory securities or by giving them money ,cake and orange juice-see the footage – or most of them basidj forces were 300,000 .No mentioning that nr of basij forces are max 500,000 in the whole country-and not 5 million as he says- ;out of this nr, there are, however, many numbers who do not like to contribute in government suppressions.
Just look at the foreign media independent reports to the world ,their analysis ,how they were found the reality and facts even though were banned to go to other parts of Tehran and get footages from Green movement in the street couple of miles away from Azadi square.
Nima “forgets” ! that weighing presence of pro and antigovernment in the Azadi square was by no means in an equal opportunity basis . One side with full support of government , force , “Sandis” (cake and orange juice) , and illegal use of public resources , while another side-the Green- with perils of jail, torture, rape ,threat and intimidation , batons and brutally suppression of Government police , Basidj and securities forces.
Claim of victory for government rally by Nima under such condition is just a joke.
3-Reality is that information and “ facts” he is giving out about “progress” ,”people wellness” ,”economic growth” Iran was acquired during Ahmadinejad (A.N ) 4 years of running government has not been obtained from a “rap singer” and during a “short chat” by Nima ,instead he knows well and a lot about Iran and happening there-look at the data he is giving about Government big deals- but problem is, he completely reversing the realities and facts. This is the regime and his followers style .
But some facts about “Nima’s” falsifications :
1-First of all everybody knows that there is no single free press, free media in Iran to give the facts about Ahmadinejad and Khamenei’s regime devastating political and economical policies brought to Iranian people during this 30 years and especially past 4 years ,while the Government income from oil export has been equal to the income gained from OIL export since oil exploitation in Iran (due to enormous high oil prices during this A.N 4 years presence) . Many Iranian do not have access to the Internet -Iran has one of the lowest Internet speed in the world because of the regime fears of people access to information - But Nima can easily have access-if he realy does not know !- to information available on internet , how regime devastating policies have pushed Iran to one of the worst in the World by economic and wellness indexes, despite Iranian abundant natural resources, Strategic location in the world and most important well educated people having least role in the government and their country’s fate.

2- just look at unemployment rate , inflation, poverty line, Budget deficit, corruption, disastrous life environment , Bank’s bad debt (from the loans Government given to its high ranking officials , Khamenie’s and Ahmadinejad’s families and friends ,ministers not returned back…) pushing banks to bankruptcy,also and all other economic and financial indexes ; all available and published by IMF (International Monitory Fund),World Bank, All UN related Economic and finance departments, Regular Articles published in the London Economist magazine, The Middle East Economic etc.
Thanks to A.N and Khamenie’s devastating policies indexes of drugs, unemployment, corruption ,Human rights violation, women’s right, number of political prisoners, brain drain, road accident, air pollution, passport credibility, visa accessibility ,life expectancy, execution (especially youth under 18 years ), religion suppression –even for the other Islamic factions defying regime - etc, etc .... , for Iran has been one of the worst in the world. Nima ! There is no need of chat with a “ rap singer” to get these facts .just click it, go to related ,reliable websites ,you can easily see what A.N has done to your country.But surely you know that.!
3- The minimum monthly wage assigned from A.N ministry of labor is USD 340. !! whereas
The average monthly income for most of Engineers ,almost all teachers ,even majority of government employees and even part of university professors is less than USD 1,000 well below “poverty level” state by the economists in Iran.
The deputy of Council of Islamic Labor association just 2 days ago announced that more than 70% of workers in Iran have no home.
Ahmadi Nejad has ripped of all Foreign exchange reserve pool remained from past president Mr.Khatami .
.A.N has “lost” more than USD 7 billions !!! (yes $7 ,000 million) of Oil export income in last 4 years budget without reporting to parliament and even to Iran “Divan Mohasebat” a supreme country accountant .When he was Tehran mayor-before his presidency – he “lost “ $300 MILLIONS OF Tehran Municipality funds w/o reporting to Tehran city council. And many other “lost” money in the Country budget of this kind.
Where all these money have gone Mr.Nima ? To poor people ? NO, Definitely not, Nima knows it.
Majority of these amounts used by his friends, relatives, his ministers and their deputies ,Revolutionary Guard commanders to oil their palms to back him up in his presidency election and arrange sham poll results ,to terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Lebanon Hezbolah –This is apart from Supreme leaders “gift” of $300 Million to Hamas and Hizbolah every six months-
Some Lebanese newspaper have just reported that last week ,Mr.Bazrpash one of the A.N’s deputies has been arrived in Lebanon with USD 400 Million cash carrying in suitcases and boxes with Hizbolah escort.(It is not possible to transfer such amount of money by Lebanese banks under control of USand France ).
For whom, ? for Hassan Nasrolah to send his criminal mercenaries to kill and rape Nima’s Brother and sisters and countrymen who say “where is my vote’?.
3- Mr.Nima ,37000 home built was not for the low income poor Iranian ,that was built in Nicaragua to have support of Pupulist regime of Ortega to cast a vote for Islamic Republic in UN.
4-Tractors -Nima pointing out- was not for the Iranian farmers, those were generous pardon of A.N from a dedicated plant to Venezuela with Iranian money to support dictator and populist regime of Hugo Chavez to support A.N.
5-Main paradigm in the Green Movement is not number of Greens taking part in their demonstration and how many people in pro government rallies ? you can not compare one side who has ALL government support’s, media , anti- riot police and revolutionary guards , force of state organization to send such nr of their employees to the Rally , or pulling them by distribution of cake and orange juice ! ; and another part-the Greens-who are suppressed, savagely beaten to death by paramilitary Basidjs and security forces .If the Greens were assured 10% of the pro government who return home safe and sound instead of dragging them into notorious jails and even danger of execution ,you could guess how streets of Tehran and other cities could have been greened.
Of course Green Movement have their own tactics. They don’t want and should not go somewhere there is danger of loosing their life .They may take part in Millions such as June15, but thousands in many other events .But a big question is that If Green Movement in Iran has “suffered defeat after defeat” as you say –note this is all Khamenie and his Sate TV slogan- and they are only a few thousand, why your boss does not allow them to have a peaceful demonstration in a corner of a city ,Say in a desert !, but instead harass them, taking them to the jail, torture, prison, and even execute them, threatening not to show in the street.
Answer is clear: THEY are the force to account ,they are majority .
There is one reality that “Nima” can’t deny: Dictators read books about their predecessors , copying all their methods in suppressing and deceiving people but they never read the last page or don’t give a damn until they topple down by the same people.NO exception Nima, No exception.!
"Nima",why you don't want a small piece of freedom and wellness you are taking advantage in USA for your own people in Iran?

“One who does not know the truth is unaware ,but the one who knows (“Nima”) but denies it, is CRIMINAL”

February 19, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMasood

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