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Tunisia Video: The Latest Protests of "Tens of Thousands"

Demonstrators in Sfax -- for full size of the "10,000s" rally, see below --- singing the National Anthem:

A rally in Hammamet in northeast Tunisia:

2 more clips showing the size of the protest in Sfax today:

An encounter between a crowd and police. Some have interpreted this as police "surrendering" to protesters; others see it as police accepting the demonstrations, rather than confronting them:

"Shutdown" of city of Sousse, two hours south of Tunis, by general strike:

In neighbouring Algeria: March of university students in Bejaia today:

Claimed footage from Sfax, with apparent use of tear gas by police and emerging news that a 14-year-old boy has been shot (his body is carried in the crowd near the end of the clip):

Claimed footage of "tens of thousands" marching Sfax Province, southeast of Tunis:

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