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Bahrain Report & Videos: Protests in 40 Villages on Friday, Man Dies From Tear Gas

Protest in Aldair on Friday

UPDATE 1115 GMT: EA sources provide translations of the speeches at the major rally in Bahrain on Friday, organised by five leading opposition parties/movements.

Fathel Abbas, the Security General of the National Democratic Assembly promised the audience, "You will transfer us from dictatorship to democracy”. He offered "deep greetings" to detained opposition figures and political prisoners: "Despite being in jail they are free. Our demands will never change."

Abbas welcomed President Obama's speech at the UN, which called for further reforms in Bahrain, and asked him and the British Government to take serious steps against any crackdown on the pro-democracy movement.

Saluting "the youth and families who are working to clean their villages and towns after the government failed to carry out its responsibilities", Abbas denied any sectarian division --- "there is only one struggle between the regime and the opposition" --- and emphasised the peaceful nature of the protest movement.

Jameel Khadhim, one of 18 MPs of the opposition Al Wefaq party who resigned in March, praised the audience for the effective boycott of Parliamentary by-elections last weekend and denounced the detention and abuse of protesters, including female demonstrators: "What the government is doing to our women has shocked the humanity, and it is far away from all our moral values and ethics." He added a message for the women, "A special thanks to your heroic stands that defeated many men", and thanks those who have protested the detentions.

Khadhim also denounced the sentences handed down on doctors on Thursday --- "their only crime was to treat the wounded from the citizens who fell by the 'brave' police gunfire" --- and continued:

After more than seven months of implementing the repressive security policy, and its utter failure, then the failure of the “Official Forum of Dialogue” as well as the unsuccessful strategy of paying media for incitement, and finally the huge failure in the last elections. I ask what is left to the authorities to do?

Our people do not accept any more living under the government that is plagued by corruption, and under a council of deficient powers and unfair electoral districts, as well as unfair justice and absent security.

An EA source in Bahrain confirms that protests took place in 40 villages across Bahrain on Friday, presenting this list:

Sanabis, Daih, Karababad, Nabih-Saleh, AlDair, AlSamaheej, Barbar, AlDuraz, Bani-Jamrah, . AlQarrayah, Sar, Magabah, Jidhafs, Bu-Quwah, Jabalat Habshi, Bilad Alqadeem, Buri, A'ali, RasRuman, Alma'ameer, AlEkur, Nuwaidrat, Salmabad, Saddad, Karanah, AbuSaibie, AlHajar, North Sehla, South Sehla, Demistan, Karzakan, AlMalkhiya, Almugshaa'

And on the island of Sitra

Alqarya, Alkharijia, Wadyan, Mehaza, Markkuban, Abu-Alaish, Sufalah

The source also confirms the claim, which we heard on Friday morning, that a 74-year-old man, Jaffar Lutfallah, died on Friday from tear gas inhalation. His family said that Lutfallah's home, located near the site of clashes between security forces and protesters, had been "targeted many times before by police".

Claimed footage of tear gas fired on women in Alkawarah:

Protesters facing security forces in Nuwaidrat:

Nabih-Saleh last night:

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