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EA Follow-Up: A Story of "Internet and Democratic Freedom"...and One Speaker's Detention at an Airport

This week EA has been reporting from --- and taking part in --- the "Internet and Democratic Freedom" conference in Sweden. Today we have an unexpected postscript offering food for thought.

One of the presentations was by Jacob Appelbaum of the Tor Project, which offers software to deal with surveillance and filtering. Appelbaum spoke fluently and passionately about the surveillance society and the need for action by each individual, on his/her own and as part of communities, to ensure privacy.

On his way back to the US via Iceland, Appelbaum unexpectedly got some material for his next presentation. This is from his Twitter account on Thursday:

The Sida event  and  [another event on Internet activism] were both really great. Sweden is beautiful in fall. Off to Iceland and then home.

It's nice that Iceland Air marked my boarding pass with 'ssss' for my Reykjavik to Seattle flight. I guess I'm getting detained in Iceland.

The last time I had the 'ssss' on my boarding pass in Reykjavik I spent the entire wait before flying to the US in a little white room.

[To a question on Twitter]  It's related to this: 

[To another question] It isn't the  - it's the DHS. Though the could easily stop it and perhaps someday they will?

[Four hours later] Nope, I'll be detained before my flight at the request of DHS - I just checked with Iceland airlines.

The good news is that it's an Icelandic grope this time, right?

I think it's hilarious that Iceland Air gave me tips on how to minimize my impending detainment in Iceland. "Go at the last minute"

It seems crazy that Iceland's airport security is controlled by the USA.

I suppose it's time to visit the little white room and then fly home to the United (Police) States of America.

[13 hours later] Detained in Iceland and no detainment in the US. Iceland says it was the US that decided I'd be detained - which country held me? Both?

I wrote up my experience, which was quite short and overall OK. Iceland is such a great country that they make detainment classy.

Anyone know why Iceland Air's computer screen said "High priority comment" during boarding/after escort to the plane with my boarding pass?

I want to know how/what/why Iceland Air has as a "high priority comment" about me - What is it? Where is it from? How to correct it?

What's really outrageous is that the US forces Iceland adopt their stupid security politics. They get to bully by proxy.

The nice thing is that the Icelandic detention is the finest in Europe - man, such great people there. Good coffee too.

In Europe these things are actually actionable and recognized as rights.

I think that Iceland is the best place in the world to be held before a flight; Toronto is the worst. The difference? American DHS [Department of Homeland Security] agents.

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