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Libya (and Beyond) LiveBlog: Battles and Clashes

2040 GMT: More opposition claims from Libya (see 2025 GMT) --- their special forces have counterattacked in Brega, arresting 20-60 regime fighters, killing 25, and seizing weapons.

The regime had claimed earlier today that it had taken the oil port in north-central Libya.

2035 GMT: Egypt’s military police have prevented a rally organised by imams calling for the independence of the Islamic institution Al-Azhar and for an investigation into alleged corruption at the Ministry of Endowments.

An eyewitness said that the police prevented nearly 1000 imams and preachers from reaching the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, Egypt's ruling body, and assaulted them with fists and electric batons. Clashes resulted between the two sides.

2025 GMT: With concrete information hard to establish from Libya, the leading military "news" today is speculative. Opposition fighters are claiming a regime assault on the insurgent-held city of Misurata, 210 km (130 miles) east of Tripoli, has stalled because of divisions amongst members of Muammar Qaddafi's forces.

A regime spokesman countered, "The army has surrounded the centre of Misurata. They are in the city. Tribal elders are talking to them (the rebels) to surrender."

The rumour is given added spice with the claim that the main force preparing to attack Misurata is the regime's best unit, the 32nd Brigade, commanded by Qaddafi's son Khamis.

2010 GMT: Two more videos claiming to be of police gunfire at protesters in Bahrain today:

1725 GMT: Faraz Sanei of Human Rights Watch, in this audio, describes the scene in Bahrain as police pushed protesters back from Bahrain Financial Harbor this morning.

Bahrain authorities have just announced that classes at the University of Bahrain are suspended after today's clashes.

1615 GMT: Today's protest at the University of Bahrain before it was disrupted by supporters of the monarchy.

1610 GMT: In Oman, Sultan Qaboos has issued a decree granting legislative and regulatory powers to the Omani Council.

1600 GMT: In Algeria, there has been a protest by 150 unemployed in the wilaya of Ouargla, 800 km (500 miles) south of Algiers. Two young people tried to set themselves on fire outside the police headquarters.

1540 GMT: A video from protests Saturday in Casablanca in Morocco:

1550 GMT: The Saudi Arabian regime has allowed more than 200 people to protest outside the Ministry of Interior, demand the release of mostly Sunni detainees.

Recent protests in Saudi Arabia have mainly been by Shi'a demonstrators in the Eastern Province. A declared "Day of Rage" on Friday failed to bring any protests outside that Shi'a pocket.

1520 GMT: Back from a break to find a claim, from doctors in Sanaa in Yemen, that they have treated seven shooting victims but that there have been no deaths from the gunfire of the security forces so far today.

In Bahrain, medical sources say 100 protesters were injured by security forces, and the Ministry of Interior says 14 police officers were wounded, with one stabbed and another suffering a head injury.

The British Embassy in Bahrain has advised nationals in the country "to remain at home until further notice". It adds, "If British nationals do travel within Bahrain, they should maintain a high level of security awareness, particularly in public places and on major highways, avoid large crowds & demonstrations."

1355 GMT: Claimed video of a man shot twice at close range by security forces in Bahrain:

1340 GMT: The opposition in Libya are now saying they have carried out a "tactical retreat" from the oil port of Brega in the north-centre of the country.

1320 GMT: Claimed video of police firing at protesters in Bahrain today:

1210 GMT: According to the Times of Malta, the Maltese Prime Minister has said that Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi demanded the hand-over of 2 Libyan Air Force jets --- taken to Malta by defecting pilots --- in exchange for the release of three Dutch prisoners.

The three military personnel, who were involved in evacuation of Dutch nationals, were later released with no sign of the return of the jets.

1200 GMT: Reuters is reporting that opposition forces have retreated from the oil port of Brega after heavy bombardment by regime forces.

An activist claims from an opposition fighter that youth have been ordered from Brega, but older insurgents remain.

1120 GMT: More clashes in Yemen after security forces killed at least four people on Saturday. The main conflict is at the pro-democracy camp outside Sanaa University, with reports of tear gas and live fire against stone-throwing protesters. Witnesses say at least 10 people have been injured.

There are reports of demonstrators burning a police station and police cars in southern Yemen.

In Bahrain, the point of conflict has shifted to the University in Manama, with activists claiming that "thugs" have attacked and injured pro-democracy protesters. About 5000 students were challenged by about 150 supporters of the monarchy who tried to get onto the campus. An unknown number of people were injured,

1000 GMT: Claimed footage of a car careening through police in Bahrain today:

0950 GMT: A human chain outside the University of Bahrain to protect students from "thugs":

0900 GMT: Video from the security forces' attack on protesters earlier this morning in Bahrain:

0835 GMT: Robin Wigglesworth of The Financial Times continues her eyewitness report, "Protestors seem to have turned back from marching on PM home, now returning to Lulu [Pearl Roundabout] and BFH [Bahrain Financial Harbour]. Very loud 'The people want fall of regime' chants."

And then, "'Victory comes from God' now ringing out over Lulu. Situation seems --- somewhat --- calmer, people returing to roundabout."

Wigglesworth also confirms that rubber bullets as well as tear gas were used by security forces earlier as they tried to block and break up the protests.

Pearl Roundabout:

0830 GMT: Reports indicate that security forces in Bahrain have pulled back from the flyover near Pearl Roundabout, averting the immediate danger of further clashes with protesters this morning (see 0705 GMT).

A Financial Times journalist reports, "Protestors filling all 3 highway lanes seem to be marching towards [Prime Minister's] home. Many returning to BFH [Bahrain Financial Harbour]. Police disappeared."

0745 GMT: In Saudi Arabia, Minister of Interior Prince Naif has denounced the plan of "some wicked people" to hold demonstrations to undermine security and stability: "Saudis are a faithful and loyal people fashioned by the character and manners of Islam and I congratulate Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah and Crown Prince Sultan for this."

The Prince said those who wanted to stage a "Day of Rage" on Friday "have proved that they do not know the people of Saudi Arabia. Our people have proved to the whole world the unity and cohesion between them and the Saudi leadership."

0740 GMT: The military situation in Libya is very unclear. Yesterday there was a report that regime forces had retaken Brega, continuing their advance across north-central Libya, but this morning the front-line is said to be 30 km (19 miles) outside the town. It is still not confirmed that the regime has completed the re-capture of Ras Lanuf, to the west of Brega.

0730 GMT: In Libya, thousands have gathered in Benghazi to mourn Ali Hassan Al Jaber, the cameraman who was killed on Saturday when regime forces attacked an Al Jazeera crew.

0705 GMT: Security forces have gathered on the flyover near Pearl Roundabout, the centre of the pro-democracy protest in Manama in Bahrain. There are reports that tear gas was fired from the flyover towards the roundabout:

There are also reports of tear gas, rubber bullets, and batons being used by security forces against protesters at the Bahrain Financial Harbour.

0635 GMT: We begin today with the breaking news and images that security forces have used tear gas against the latest pro-democracy protest in Bahrain, injuring demonstrators.

Security forces along the highway:

The tear gas explodes:

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