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Bahrain Video Feature: The Second "Manama March" and the Police Response

In dramatic scenes last week, Bahraini police attacked a march in the capital Manama with tear gas and beating partcipants, including leading activist Nabeel Rajab.

Rajab promised after the incident that there would be another march, and so it proved last night as hundreds of people gathered in the location of last week's clash. Again the police asked Rajab to disperse the demonstrators. Again he refused. Again the security forces attacked with tear gas and flash grenades.

Activists' montage of the events, beginning with the prominence of the horn-backed slogan, "Down Down [King] Hamad" and continuing with the showdown with the police:

The showdown between police and marchers, with security forces throwing flash grenades at the end of the clip --- note also the number of police filming, as they are being filmed by the demonstrators:

Footage from overhead, giving an idea of the size of the crowd and of their reception of Rajab as he moved among them:

Another video of the showdown at the police line --- as the security forces fire their tear gas and flash grenades, Rajab moves to the side, covering his face:

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