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The Latest from Iran (11 November): Preparing for Renewed Nuclear Talks?

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The Latest from Iran (10 November): Noticing the US-Iran Nuclear Talks

2034 GMT: Political Prisoner Watch. The young children of detained lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh have reportedly been denied a visit, as the attorney enters the fourth week of a hunger strike over prison restrictions.

Sotoudeh's husband Reza Khandan wrote:

At the visitation area, despite the fact that prisoners are normally granted face to face visits if they present a letter, we were told that we need to go to the prison’s main gate in order to visit with Nasrin.

At the main gate, after presenting them with the letter allowing us to see Nasrin in person, we were forced to wait 3 hours. Nima who suffers from asthma started having a cough attack as a result of his cold and the poor air condition.

The prison’s administration office eventually closed and an hour after the official prison visitation hours and after such a long wait, we returned home extremely disappointed, never being able to see Nasrin.

The children were starring at that prison gate for 3 1/2 hours. Every time that gate opened and closed they waited patiently to hear their names so that they could see their mother.

1742 GMT: Confrontation Watch. The Islamic Republic's military has put out a series of statements, in the wake of the recent encounter between two Iranian fighter jets and a US drone, asserting strength while claiming legal right to challenge the American flight.

The commander of Revolutionary Guards; air defense, Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, said the drone was on an intelligence gathering mission near Iran's Kharg Island. He said the Iranian jets had fired warning shots in the incident, but will give a firmer response next time: "We do not ignore our national interests and if the enemy crosses our red-lines and this incident is repeated, we will deal with it more harshly."

Brigadier General Hossein Salami assured reporters that the drone was over Iranian waters, “We are exactly aware of all international laws on how to deal with foreign aircraft and aggression and observe them."

1728 GMT: Currency Watch. The Central Bank has reaffirmed that Iranian travellers are limited to bringing 5 million Rials (about $410 at official rate; $140 at open-market rate) in and out of the country.

1722 GMT: Parliament v. President. The Majlis has reaffirmed its block on the second phase of the Government's subsidy cuts plan, with 168 of 290 MPs voting for the suspension.

President Ahmadinejad launched the cuts in December 2010, but issues over inflation and mismanagement have hindered the implementation of the second phase, promised by the Government at the end of 2011.

1616 GMT: Economy Watch. An MP from Ghaemshahr has complained that 8000 steel workers have been deprived of their rights as they have gone unpaid.

1238 GMT: Nuclear Watch. A bit of bluster or a sign that Iran may be backing off its push for renewed discussions with Washington over Tehran's nuclear programme? Alaeddin Boroujerdi, head of Parliament's National Security Committee, has told the Majlis:

We have problems with the US policies [which are] against the interests of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Muslim world; and as long as these policies do not change, no talks will be held....

We believe we cannot negotiate with the US, which hatches plots, adopts budgets, and imposes sanctions against our national interests.

1231 GMT: Ahmadinejad Watch. Speaking at a ceremony for war veterans, President Ahmadinejad assured that the Iranian nation "will triumph over all obstacles" and that economic problems are temporary, with the Government's critics making "loud noises" over attempts to "put money in the pockets of the people".

1157 GMT: A Death in Detention. Facing international pressure over the reported abuse and death in prison of blogger Sattar Beheshti, officials have announced an inquiry into the case.

Beheshti, who had written that he would be arrested for his comments, was seized from his home on 31 October and died during interrogation, according to his family.

Deputy Speaker of Parliament Mohammad Hassan Abutorabifard said Parliament's National Security Committee has been assigned to look into the matter.

The European Union's High Representative for foreign policy, Catherine Ashton, is the latest international figure to put out a statement over the death, writing today:

[I am] deeply concerned to hear that Iranian blogger Sattar Beheshti has recently died in custody. The EU expects the Iranian authorities to conduct a thorough enquiry into the case, in order to establish the exact circumstances of his death.

The EU remains deeply concerned by the Human Rights situation in Iran, and urges the Iranian authorities to halt the repression of bloggers and internet activists.

0757 GMT: Reformist Watch. Radio Farda reports on leading reformists such as Ghodratollah Alikhani and Mostafa Kavakebian calling for former President Mohammad Khamati to stand in the 2013 Presidential election.

Khatami provoked tension amid reformists and opposition groups over the Parliamentary elections in early 2012 when --- after calling for a boycott of candidacy because of the regime's denial of rights and the refusal to release political prisoners --- he participated by voting.

0750 GMT: Health Watch. Hossein Ali Shahriari, the chair of Parliament's Health Committee, has warned that costs for medical care, notably for cancer, are soaring. He offered the example, amid sanctions, that the price of medical equipment has increased 250%.

Legislators are warning that reserves of medicines will be exhausted in two months.

See also Iran 1st-Hand: As Sanctions Bite, Life-Saving Drugs Disappear

0730 GMT: On Saturday, we highlighted that US officials had used the Associated Press to put forward a possible resumption of nuclear talks with Tehran. They presented this as an American initiative --- rather than a response to Iran's presentation of a nine-step plan --- and refrained from any mention that US-Iran "back-channel" discussions have already taken place this autumn.

Press TV seizes on one line from that AP report: "Top negotiators from the United States, Britain, China, France, Germany and Russia have agreed to meet Nov. 21 in Brussels, a Western official said, in a prelude to a possible resumption of talks between those countries and Iran early next year."

The Iranian State outlet is enthusiastic, "Top Negotiators from P5+1 to Discuss Iran in Brussels".

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