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EA Video Analysis: Your 4-Point Guide to the US Elections...& What Happens Next

See also US Elections 2012 Analysis: Republicans Head Towards a "Social Cliff"
US Elections Audios: What's Next for Obama, the Republicans, & the Country --- Scott Lucas' 4 Interviews with BBC
US Elections 2012 Audio: Obama's Victory and "What's Next for Foreign Policy" --- Scott Lucas with Monocle 24

Four points and 9 1/2 minutes to understand not only President Obama's re-election, but the lessons and challenges for both the Democrats and the Republicans....

1. Why Obama Won: "It's the Centre, Stupid"
2. The Social Front: "Charlie Brown, Are We Still Living in Traditional White America?"
3. The Short-Term Challenge for Obama and....
4. The Bigger Challenge for the Republican Party

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