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Iran Snapshot: When the Revolutionary Guards Confuse Computer Viruses with Condoms

UPDATE 1400 GMT: The news gift that keeps giving.... Gerdab has changed its site, but only compounded its Trojan error --- see below.

Gerdab is a high-profile website connected with the Revolutionary Guards. In its daily quest for vigilance and strength, it promotes the accomplishments of Iran's armed forces and calls for the latest in defence against hard war, cyber-war, and soft war.

On occasion, however, the demands on even the most dedicated cyber-fighter can be a bit too much. 

Consider, for example, this weekend's article about the dangers of the enemy's computer viruses, specifically "Trojans". That's an understandable concern, given the alleged attack on Iran's nuclear facilities by the Stuxnet worm in 2010 and reports that the US and Israel are pursuing updated variants.

The problem, however, is that --- in its attempt to illustrate the threat --- Gerdab chose a far different kind of Trojan, one not designed for a "soft war":

1400 GMT: Gerdab have removed the photograph. They have replaced it with the logo of Trojan...the condom manufacturer, not the computer virus.

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