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Bahrain Photo Special: Friday's Mass "March 4 Democracy"

An image after Friday's March 4 Democracy in Bahrain (Photo: Reuters)

An EA correspondent in Bahrain sends us this feature:

On Friday, the Bahraini opposition scored a symbolic victory with its March 4 Democracy. The numbers on the roads are still up for debate --- some activists claimed 400,000 while regime supporters insisted there were "only" 100,000 in Bahrain's 1.2 million population who turned out --- but the impact was beyond question.

Nabeel Rajab, the head of the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights, summarised: "A historic protestwith hundred of thousands of protesters participating from all sectors of society --- all expressed their demands freely. The march was a clear message to the regime and the international community that, despite all the brutality, this nation has returned stronger and more determined than before."

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