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Egypt (and Beyond) Live Coverage: Protests Continue Across Country

People defy the state of emergency's curfew in Suez Canal cities in Egypt (Photo: Ahram Online)

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1550 GMT: Israel. Israeli representatives have boycotted a regular review by the United Nations Human Rights Council, the first time a country has ever taken such action.

A decision last year to investigate Jewish settlements in the West Bank prompted Israel to announce it would no longer co-operate with the Council.

Tuesday's meeting was suspended and a course of action will be decided.

1350 GMT: Egypt. Dozens of gunmen raided and looted the InterContinental Semiramis hotel on Cairo's Nile Corniche early this morning, as staff called in vain for help from security forces.

Anti-government demonstrators secured the besieged hotel and helped guests flee in taxis to the airport. Protesters later helped security forces in arresting 12 people.

1315 GMT: Mali. African leaders and international officials have pledged more than $600 million at a donor conference.

The division between humanitarian aid and support for military operations was not immediately clear.

1035 GMT: Bahrain. Said Yousif AlMuhafda, the Vice President of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights who is out on bail after a 7 December arrest, reports on a further delay in his trial:


Yousif was seized as he watched and reported on a protest in the capital Manama.

0945 GMT: Egypt. Writing on Facebook, the head of armed forces has warned, "The continuation of the struggle of the different political forces ... over the management of state affairs could lead to the collapse of the state."

General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said the army would remain "the solid and the cohesive block" on which "the foundation of the state rests".

0715 GMT: Yemen. Officials said Monday that security forces intercepted a ship last week carrying a large cache of weapons, including surface-to-air missiles, destined for insurgents.

The officials said the shipment also included military grade explosives, rocket-propelled grenade,s and bomb-making equipment.

An American official confirmed Yemen's operation was coordinated with the US Navy. A second official said the intercepted shipment was believed to have been from Iran: "This demonstrates the ever pernicious Iranian meddling in other countries in the region."

0655 GMT: Egypt. Protests continued on Monday, after a weekend of clashes that left at least 50 people dead and despite President Morsi's warning on Sunday night of a crackdown on any violence.

Tens of thousands of people came out for funerals in Port Said, where at least 38 people have been slain, and many of them remained on the streets last night, defying a 9 p.m. curfew. Crowds were also reported in Ismailia and Suez, the other two cities where Morsi has declared a 30-day state of emergency.

An Ahram Online reporter said the army stood by as shops and street cafes remained open in Suez. In Ismailia, residents organised football games in front of the Governorate headquarters in a show of defiance.

In Cairo, Central Security Forces clashed with thousands of protesters on the Nile Corniche, as the demonstrators tried to reach the Shura Council, the upper house of Parliament.

CSF officers fired tear gas at protesters as they chanted "Peaceful, peaceful", and violence then escalated. Protesters smashed an armoured vehicle in Tahrir Square.

Medics said at least 26 people were injured by tear gas and birdshot.

Thousands of people marched in Alexandria, Egypt's second city, marking the two-year anniversary of an attempt by the Mubarak regime --- the "Battle of the Camels" --- to crush the uprising against it.

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