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Iran Audio Feature: Hype & Reality from Syria to "Explosion at Nuclear Plant" --- Scott Lucas with Monocle 24

Tehran University academic Seyed Mohammad Marandi: "Iran has many ways to hurt Israel"

Speaking with Monocle 24's The Briefing on Friday, I reviewed the hype and reality of the latest stories about Iran, from its involvement in Syria to last week's false claim of an explosion near the Fordoo uranium enrichment plant.

Listen to discussion, starting at the 6:10 mark, on The Briefing's main page or in a pop-out window.

The interview begins by setting the record straight on Iran's reaction to Israeli airstrikes inside Syria --- Tehran did not threaten to retaliate with attacks on Israel's cities --- and on the Explosion That Never Happened. "We already have a crisis, and there's no need to escalate that for political advantage."

Then the impact: scare stories like these bolstered Senators who wanted to sabotage the appointment of Chuck Hagel as US Secretary of Defense, and they also expose "the cul-de-sac that the Obama Administration has gotten itself into over Tehran".

Listen out also for an explanation of how the Fordoo myth make it from a couple of dis-information specialists via a right-wing US website and "Israeli officials" to "respected" outlets like Spiegel and The Times of London.

The discussion is at the 6:10 mark, after the opening news headlines.

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