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Egypt (and Beyond) Live Coverage: At Least 1 Killed in Continuing Protests in Mansoura

Protests and clashes in Mansoura in Egypt, where one person was killed early this morning

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1831 GMT: Egypt. Visiting Cairo, US Secretary of State John Kerry said the Egyptian Government's need to agree a $4.8 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund is "paramount".

Kerry said he was certain that US cooperation with Egypt can only happen if Cairo "makes the right fundamental choices" regarding the talks with the IMF.

The Morsi Government said on Thursday that it will invite an IMF team to reopen talks.

"It is paramount, essential, urgent that the Egyptian economy get stronger, that it gets back on its feet," Kerry told Egyptian and American executives. "It's clear to us that the IMF arrangement needs to be reached, that we need to give the market that confidence."

The Morsi Government agreed the loan in principle last November but it was put on hold at Cairo's request amid political unrest and an inability of the President to implement tax rises necessary for the IMF assistance.

1421 GMT: Yemen. Security forces have shot and killed one activist and wounded at least four other people during clashes with southern separatists who had blocked roads, medics and witnesses said.

Clashes erupted in Aden when protesters demanded the release of activists detained during fighting that killed six people on 21 February, the first anniversary of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi's election.

1415 GMT: Egypt. Three Egyptian NGOs and Human Rights Watch have called on the judiciary to fully and properly investigate police responsibility for recent unlawful killings during protests in Port Said.

The demonstrations broke out on 26 January after a court sentenced 21 Port Said residents over the deaths of 74 football fans in an incident in 2012 in the city's stadium.

The four groups claim that evidence shows the police began shooting when they came under fire, but that htey continued shooting after the threat against them receded, killing and wounding a protestors and bystanders. They allege the police also used lethal fire on the following two days.

1345 GMT: Egypt. Protesters have set fire to a Port Said police station after a police vehicle allegedly ran over five people during a demonstration calling for civil disobedience.

Residents said the vehicle hit the peole as dozens of football fans and other demonstrators were marching to demand that gas companies close their offices in solidarity.

1215 GMT: Egypt. Clashes in the Nile Delta city of Mansoura have killed at least one person, amid continuing protests over political and economic issues.

Hossam Abdel-Azim was killed early today after he was reportedly being run down by a Central Security Forces (CSF) vehicle. According to his family, the 29-year-old was on his way to visit his in-law and was was not part of the protests.

At least 40 people were injured as police fired tear gas at protesters in front of the Daqahila Governorate headquarters. Eyewitnesses said a police truck ran over a demonstrator, and footage on satellite channel ONTV showed police dragging and beating up a man captured in the clashes.

The head of security in Daqahlia Governorate said eight officers were injured and accused protesters of using pellet bullets.

The Egyptian Popular Current, founded by former Presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabahi, said police had laid siege to its bureau in the city.

Mansoura has had six consecutive days of protests and fighting as calls for civil disobedience circulate in the city.

The Egyptian Popular Current, which was founded by ex-presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi, said police had laid siege to its bureau in the city. It also said four were killed in the clashes, quoting a doctor in a makeshift clinic.

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