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Iraq (and Beyond) Live: Provincial Elections Amid Spike in Violence

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1712 GMT: Egypt

In a statement pointing to the seriousness of the financial crisis, Central Bank head Hesham Ramez has said that each day that goes by without international support adds more risk.

Ramez pointedly noted that a promised $3 billion investment from Qatar to buy bonds, promised earlier this month, has not arrived.

Egypt failed this week to complete a deal with the International Monetary Fund for a $4.8 billion loan.

The Central Bank head called on political groups to meet for dialogue, and said all attention should be placed on the economy so it can provide employment opportunities and confront poverty.

1632 GMT: Bahrain

The scene in Jidhafs today after clashes between police and protesters:

1422 GMT: Bahrain: Anti-F1 Protesters Chant "Don't Race on our Blood"

A video from a protest in Manama, Bahrain ahead of Sunday's F1 Grand Prix in the Gulf kingdom.

Protesters chanted "Let your palaces hear, your prisons we do not fear" and "Don't race on our blood".

1420 GMT: Jordan: Syria Conflict Spills Over

Ten Jordanian policemen were injured --- two seriously --- in clashes at a Syrian refugee camp in near the Syrian border in the north of the country, according to Jordanian security sources.

More than 160,000 Syrian refugees --- out of about 500,000 who have fled to Jordan --- live in the Za'atari refugee camp. Amman has expressed concerns that the Syrian conflict is a threat to its national security.

1412 GMT: Egypt: Mubarak Trial Watch

A Cairo court on Saturday approved an appeal from ousted Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak for release pending trial, according to Egyptian daily al-Ahram. The prosecution said it intends to appeal.

Mubarak is awaiting trial for profiteering charges. However, although the court approved his appeal for release pending that trial, the former President will still remain on remand while awaiting another trial, on charges of wasting public funds.

1125 GMT: Egypt

Egyptian daily al-Ahram has posted a video of Friday afternoon's Islamist protests against the judiciary in Cairo (see 0755 GMT). The video shows protesters using firearms.


0945 GMT: Iraq

A dozen small bombs have exploded and mortar rounds have landed near polling centres, wounding at least four people during voting in provincial elections.

Two mortar rounds injured three voters and a policeman at a school used as a voting centre in Latifiya, south of Baghdad.

Small bombs exploded in Tuz Khurmato, Tikrit and Samarra in the north and six more mortar rounds landed in a town near the southern city of Hilla, without causing any injuries.

Early turnout at polling stations in Baghdad, and cities like Basra, Tikrit and Baquba appeared light, according to Reuters reporters.

0755 GMT: Egypt

Supporters and opponents of President Morsi clashed near Cairo's Tahrir Square on Friday amid an Islamist rally demanding a purge of the judiciary.


Morsi has repeatedly clashed with the courts, who ruled that his decree for Parliamentary elections this spring was not implemented legally.

Supporters of Morsi say the judiciary has many former loyalists of the Mubarak regime who are blocking Government policies, while opponents fear Morsi's camp are trying to consolidate the Muslim Brotherhood's power with their changes ot the judiciarty.

On Friday, thousands of Morsi supporters rallied outside the High Court building in Cairo and in the coastal city of Alexandria, demanding the "cleansing of the judiciary".

0655 GMT: Bahrain

Protests and clashes across the Kingdom continued on Friday amid preparations for this weekend's Formula One Grand Prix.

Supporters of the February 14 Revolution Youth Coalition, tried to reach Pearl Roundabout --- the iconic centre of the start of the mass protests in February 2011, overrun a month later by security forces --- but were blocked by police fired tear gas and shotguns.

No casualties were reported, and the Formula 1 event, held south of the capital Manama, was not disrupted.

Thousands of supporters of the opposition society Al Wefaq marched without incident on the Budaiya highway, west of Manama.

0645 GMT: Iraq

Provincial elections will be held today amid a spike in attacks killing more than 110 people this week.

Fourteen candidates have been killed during campaigning, and six of Iraq's 18 provinces --- all with large Sunni Arab or Kurdish populations --- are not participating.

The elections are the first since parliamentary polls in March 2010. An estimated 13.8 million Iraqis are eligible to vote for more than 8,000 candidates, with 378 seats being contested.

Two provinces are not voting because authorities say security cannot be ensured, and four because of political disagreements.

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    EA WorldView - Home - Iraq (and Beyond) Live: Provincial Elections Amid Spike in Violence
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    EA WorldView - Home - Iraq (and Beyond) Live: Provincial Elections Amid Spike in Violence

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