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Norway Video: Explosion in Prime Minister's Office Injures At Least 8

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UPDATE 2045 GMT: As Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg delivers a message to the nation --- "You are not going to destroy us, you are not going to destroy our democracy" --- the Norwegian Minister of Justice says the shooter in the Utoeya attack is Norwegian.

UPDATE 1945 GMT: Police are now saying "9 or 10" people were killed in the Oslo explosion, caused by a car bomb outside the Prime Minister's office building.

UPDATE 1935 GMT: Alexandra Sandels of the Los Angeles Times passes on the first-hand observations of Swedish colleague Mattias Carlsson from the Utoeya shootings: "Between 15-20 bodies in water. Many young women. Groups of dead bodies at 4 different spots around the island. 8 people dead in one spot, 5-6 in another."

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Tunisia Snapshot: Turning Repression Into People's Art (Sandels)

Photo: Jonny Wallstrom (Zero Silence)Wassim Ghozlani is part of a collective of Tunisian artists and photographers called Artocracy in Tunisia who are aiming to bring the voices of the people back to the streets of the country, breathe new life into places like the police station in La Goulette and shed old images of government repression through a photography project called "Inside Out."

In several places inside La Goulette's former police headquarters hang portraits of regular Tunisians. They're young, old, women and men. One of them, flanked by a police stop sign and graffitti thrashing Ben Ali, shows a young woman staring angrily at the camera. Outside the station, passers-by are greeted by the portraits showing a young man and woman making funny faces, below.

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