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Saturday Fun: Worst Australian Political Interview Ever?

We have long been fans of Britain's The Day Today for its exposure of the shallow and duplicitious in politics but this is a case where reality overtakes satire --- over to Bill Shorten, Australia's Minister for Workplace Employment:

And a reminder of The Day Today:


Iraq Revealed: A Mysterious Death and Britain's Secret Detention Camp (Cobain)

British Soldier with DetaineesThe helicopter crews had been told that a number of detainees were under armed guard at the side of the highway. They were to pick them up after dark and take them to a prison camp. What followed was far from routine: before the night was out, one man had died on board one of the helicopters, allegedly beaten to death by RAF personnel.

The incident was immediately shrouded in secrecy. When The Guardian heard about it and began to ask questions, the Ministry of Defence responded with an extraordinary degree of obstruction and obfuscation, evading questions not just for days but for weeks and months. The RAF's own police examined the death in an investigation codenamed Operation Raker, but this ended with some of the most salient facts remaining deeply buried. The alleged culprits faced no charges.

Asked where the men were being taken, the MoD had initially indicated that they were en route to a prisoner of war camp, one inspected regularly by the Red Cross.

Later it became clear that this was not correct: they were being transported to an altogether more secret location.

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