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Egypt Feature: The Political Battle Beyond Cairo (Bohn)

Election Day in Assiut, November 2011Assiut feels far away from the famed epicenter of Tahrir Square. The oft-neglected peripheral region of Upper Egypt (the cultivated valley of the Nile from Cairo in the north to Aswan, 535 miles south) has been plagued by institutional apathy for years, long dismissed as a dead-end, from where one travels to the capital for work and never returns. When Egypt's contentious de-facto leaders, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), speak of a silent but loyal majority, or "liberals," fret about the backward religious and violence-prone rural areas, they have cities like Assiut in mind. But the reality is far more complicated. Assiut and Tahrir are bound together by personal connections and shared concerns -- inextricable ties that suggest a far more nuanced emerging Egypt than is generally felt from the central nerve of Cairo.

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Egypt LiveBlog: A Big Turnout and Some Glitches in the Elections

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2105 GMT: Another update from Evan Hill:

Rock throwing and fireworks between two sides at 6th october bridge on abdel moneim riyad st

No sign of CSF or army

There are maybe 200-300 involved on this battle on each side.

2049 GMT: The situation in Tahrir Square is again worsening. Tweeps are reporting that thugs have started to clash with activists inside the square where at least two people have so far been stabbed.

Others report of of thugs bringing guns and some even report of shooting on protesters by these thugs. Ambulances have arrved at Tahrir and at least one injured protester has been transported out.

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