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Britain-US Audio Feature: So Mitt Romney is Meeting the Prime Minister? --- Scott Lucas with the BBC

There has been a bit of flutter in the British media that Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, in London for the Olympics, is being received by Prime Minister David Cameron. In 2008, candidate Barack Obama did not get as far with Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and Cameron turned away François Hollande, now the French leader, earlier this year during the President campaign.

So BBC West Midlands asked, "Is Cameron extending his hand because he has inside info on a Romney victory?" (No.) "Will this damage Cameron's relationship with Obama?" (No.) "Does it make a difference for November's election?" (No.)

The conversation begins at the 1:42.00 mark


France Audio Feature: Scott Lucas with the BBC "M. Hollande and The Spirit of Franklin D. Roosevelt"

After his victory in France's Presidential election on Sunday, François Hollande invoked the spirit of the US President Franklin Roosevelt as a guide for a French economic recovery.

So what lies behind Hollande's invocation of an American who led 75 years ago? And can American's New Deal really be applied to France in 2012?

Hollande's biographer and I considered this yesterday with Robin Lustig of the BBC World Service's NewsHour.

The discussion begins at 48:52.