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US Elections 2012 Video: When Karl Rove Would Not Believe Fox News "Obama Wins Ohio"

Three minutes summarising Election Night for the Romney campaign and the Republican Party....

Karl Rove, campaign strategist for George W. Bush, refuses to believe Fox's call of Ohio for Barack Obama --- he remains unconvinced as Fox's anchorwoman takes a long journey down the corridors to verify the projection with the political number-crunchers. They explain the reasoning; Rove still does not believe.


US Elections 2012 Feature: The Hope for a Romney Upset --- Voter Turnout

The bottom line is that the bookies and most political pundits have President Obama as their favourite to win this election. Paddy Power, an Irish bookmaker, has already paid out on an Obama victory.

However, until that result is confirmed Republicans are still holding out hope that the polls are wrong and that their voters, more committed to their candidate than Obama's supporters, will turn out in enough numbers to make a fool of not just Paddy Power but many of the "liberal" media as well.

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