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Iran Follow-Up Video: How Fars News Protected the Oscars from Michelle Obama's Shoulders

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See Iran Feature: Top Iran News Agency Protects the Oscars from Michelle Obama's Shoulders

On Monday, EA featured the story of how Fars News, linked to the Revolutonary Guards, had done some PhotoShop Fashion Therapy on the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama. The website replaced Obama's dress, in which she presented the Best Picture Award at the Oscars to "Argo", with a spangly top which covered up her shoulders.

The article soon went viral, with mentions for EA on sites like The Times of London. That evening, however, we were pleased to see we had a walk-on role in the US prime-time Rachel Maddow Show --- we are at the end, after Maddow has moved from last year's Iranian media manipulation of the Oscars to its outrage this year at "Argo" to Fars' "arms control" of Michelle Obama.


Iran Feature: Top Iran Newspaper Protects the Oscars from Michelle Obama's Shoulders

Fars, the Iranian newspaper linked to the Revolutionary Guards, is not just interested in military matters. It also likes to keep an eye on fashion and the movies. And when the First Lady of the United States has a new dress as she awards Best Picture at the Academy Awards, that is an opportunity not to be missed.

Only one problem: Michelle Obama's shoulders.

Time for the Fars Photoshop Department to spring into action:

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Iran Video and Pictures: "A Separation" Wins Oscar for Best Foreign-Language Film

UPDATE 2015 GMT: Director Ashgar Farhadi's interview after the Oscars ceremony, including his assessment of the regime's reaction to his film's award:

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