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Entries in Sudan People's Liberation Army (2)


Sudan Feature: 500,000 Displaced as North Sudanese Forces Gather on Border (Flint)

Fierce new fighting along Sudan's volatile north-south divide is raising deep concern for the safety of the Nuba people, the forgotten victims of the country's long-running civil war who are once again under attack by government forces and militias.

The fighting has significantly increased the chances that the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) that ended the civil war six years ago will collapse, reigniting a north-south war and ending all hopes of peaceful partition when oil-rich South Sudan formally declares itself independent on 9 July.

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Sudan Feature: Khartoum Bombards and Seizes the Border Town of Abyei (Flatman)

Republic of Sudan President Omer Hassan al-BashirUPDATE 1240 GMT: A United Nations spokesman said four UN helicopters were fired upon, probably by militias allied to Republic of Sudan forces, during a visit to Abyei late on Tuesday.

Hua Jiang said 14 rounds were fired when the helicopters took off, but the crews landed safely.

Jiang said militias of the Arab Misseriya tribe were probably responsible for the attack, adding that they were now moving southwards after civilians had left the main settlement of Abyei.

UPDATE 0745 GMT: On Tuesday, President Bashir said that Abyei belongs to the Republic of Sudan: "Abyei is northern Sudanese land. We will not withdraw from it."

Bashir said he had authorised his army to respond to any possible "provocation" by the army of South Sudan.

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