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Iran Feature: The Last Blog of Sattar Beheshti, Murdered by Security Forces in Prison

If you are so afraid of information, either step down from office, or stop committing injustices. Don't arrest people, don't torture them, don't butcher them, so they don't have to denounce you. Otherwise, not only will informing and denouncing you go on, but your own injustice will soon end up falling apart on your own head. Informing others of the miseries of any human being is the responsibility of every single one of us, and if anyone fails to do so, he or she has betrayed his or her conscience. Anyone who fails to inform others digs himself into a hole.

For you, sirs, intend to silence everyone, one by one, even in privacy, anyone who intends to raise his or her voice. Don't threaten us anymore, for fear has no place in our hearts anymore. Neither the whip nor torture can frighten us or prevent us from informing others.

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Iran Video: An Interview with Roya Boroumand about Activism

Roya Boroumand is the co-founder and executive director of the Boroumand Foundation for the Promotion of Democracy and Human Rights in Iran, as well as a former consultant with the Women's Rights Division of Human Rights Watch. In this two-part video, she talks to Tavaana about activism and the experience over three decades of campaigns for rights in Iran:

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Iran Video: Politics and Cartoons --- An Interview with Nikahang Kowsar

Tavaana, an institute for Iranian civil society, interviews Nikhang Kowsar in this two-part video about his cartoons and political activism:

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Iran Video: Lawyer Mehrangiz Kar "Why I Became An Activist"

Tavaana interviews lawyer and author Mehrangiz Kar in a three-part video about her activism, the issue of "leadership" in civic action, and the political environment in Iran:

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A Video for Dissidents: Vaclav Havel on Activism, Opposition, and the Situation in Iran

I would recommend to [Iranian activists] what I have been talking about --- to do certain things because they are the right things to do, because we believe that human beings should be free, that their human dignity should be respected, that there should be free elections....To stick to these basic ideals regardless of the odds of an immediate success.

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A New Advertising Partner: Tavaana

EA WorldView is pleased to announce a new advertiser. Tavaana offers Persian and English e-learning resources for Iranian civil society. From their About page:

Tavaana--meaning "empowered’ and ‘capable" in Persian--is an e-learning space for Iranian civil society.  Through partnerships with international universities and civic training organizations, and in collaboration with leading Iranian scholars and civic leaders, Tavaana leverages the internet to empower Iranian civil society. Tavaana offers e-courses as well as case studies of global civic struggles, video interviews with civic leaders, a democracy and human rights resource library, media monitoring of Iranian civil society developments, an e-newsletter featuring civic activism resources and more. Tavaana holds a vision for a free and open Iranian society, one in which each and every Iranian enjoys equality, justice and the full spectrum of civil and political liberties.

For further information, visit the Persian or English versions of their site.