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Syria (and Beyond) LiveBlog: Control or Retreat?

"Friday of Departure" in Syria: Protesters carry a massive flag through Assi Square, Hama.

See Also our Video Entry: Syria - Watching the Friday Protests - Set 1 and Set 2

1900 GMT: The New York Times reports that the Gaddafi regime lost hundreds of millions of dollars in investment funds managed by western banks.

Western companies were only allowed to deal with Libya between 2004 and 2011. This raises two, probably academic, questions: why did Western companies have such a bad track record with Libyan money, and if the rebels win can we thank them?

1816 GMT: Friday prayers on 60th Street in Sana'a, Yemen, once again turned into protests, as clerics leading the prayers called on Vice President Hadi to make more concessions to the demands of the opposition.

The UN fact-finding mission in Yemen is reporting that they have been granted access to protesters, and the government is cooperating with the mission. The team is expected to be finished with their investigation on July 6th.

1800 GMT: The LA times is reporting that the rebels are now within 50 miles from the Libyan capital, Tripoli. The rebels now occupy Bir Ghanam, halfway between Zintan and the large city of Aziziya. Rebels are concerned about potential civilian casualties in Aziziya, as they expect Gaddafi to use the civilians as human shields.

1742 GMT: Andy Carvin has uploaded a video to go with his report (below), showing a man injured in the violence in Tahrir Square.

1730 GMT: Though we're still updating and adding to the videos, our second set from today's protests in Syria is up and running. So far, we have video from Basr al Harir (south), Qamishli (northeast), Mayadin (east), Zabadani (southwest), Idlib in the northeast, and a massive demonstration in Assi Square in Hama.

1717 GMT: More from Andy Carvin, where violence has erupted in Tahrir Square, Cairo, Egypt:

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Yemen Feature: A View from the Ground of the Youth Movement (Al-Akhali)

The development and organization of Yemen’s youth movement has not been instantaneous but, rather, has taken several months. At the start of the revolution, the youth gathered in hundreds of small groups. These groups then formed alliances with each other, eventually creating cross-country youth coalitions. The youth movement’s diverse membership also contributed to its growth and development. For instance, while some leaders took to the streets, living in open-air squares dubbed ‘Change’ and ‘Freedom’ and rallying grass-root support for the protests, other leaders interfaced with international media, arranged meetings with representatives from the international community, and spread news about the protests via blogs and social media sites.

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Egypt, Syria (and Beyond) LiveBlog: A Return to Violence in Tahrir Square

A protester in Cairo's Tahrir Square last night

2055 GMT: Back to the lead story to wrap up today --- Ahram Online's video recording the clash in Cairo's Tahrir Square between security forces and protesters:

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2100 GMT: Bahraini authorities have released 20 more medical staff who were detained in connection with the uprising against the regime, but they will still face military trial.

The 20 are among 48 doctors, nurses, and paramedics who were arrested. All by 14 have now been released, although the court proceedings, which have taken place over the last two weeks, will continues.

The release comes days before a "national dialogue" hailed by the regime as a chance for reconciliation.

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Yemen Feature: The Looming Humanitarian Crisis (Kasinof)

While Yemen’s political crisis stagnates — a popular uprising has stalled and a wounded president has not been seen publicly for weeks — its economic crisis has only grown worse.

The breakdown of public services, shortage of fuel and rising prices for food and water have made life exceedingly difficult for most Yemenis, and threaten to become a humanitarian crisis that could overshadow the political one.

“I sat at home for four days because I couldn’t get gasoline for my car,” said Ahmed al-Dubae, a taxi driver. “Those who have money, they can still get around. But those who don’t have money, their only choice is to go home and sleep.”

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Yemen Feature: A Splintered Opposition? (Ahmed)

Dissident Military Join Protesters in Sana'a, May 2011Since President Ali Abdullah Saleh's departure immediately after the presidential palace was attacked June 3, tensions within Change Square have become more visible. Many demonstrators in [the capital] Sana'a are now turning their attention towards their leadership, which is comprised of twenty individuals collectively known as the organising committee.

The committee handles the logistics and coordinates demonstrations on behalf of demonstrators. Its critics accuse it of marginalising the voice of the youth while monopolising the decision making. Salah al-Sharafi, founder of the Union of Movements for Independent Youth, says that many of the youth have tried to voice their concerns to the committee, but to no avail.

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Syria, Yemen (and Beyond) LiveBlog: The Marches of the 10,000s

Claimed footage of a funeral procession in the Damascus suburb of Al Kiswah in Syria for a protester killed by security forces on Friday

2005 GMT: Activists say the Syrian military has occupied another village in northwest Syria near the border with Turkey.

Troops and tanks moved into Najia today. The village is near Jisr al-Shughour, the flashpoint town cleared out by the military after dozens of people --- activists says civilians, the regime says security forces --- were killed in clashes.

The military also reportedly moved into Qusair near the Lebanese border.

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Syria, Bahrain (and Beyond) LiveBlog: "The Day of National Legitimacy"

Mass pro-reform rally in Taiz in Yemen today

See also Syria Video: Today's "Day of National Legitimacy" Protests Set 1 AND Set 2

2025 GMT: Claimed footage of security forces firing tear gas on a protest in Daih in northern Bahrain:

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Yemen, Syria (and Beyond) LiveBlog: Fighting Renewed

Clashes last night around Freedom Square in Taiz in Yemen(see 0455 GMT)

1655 GMT: Earlier, we noted an Associated Press update that Hamza al-Qu'ayti was likely among the 57 Al Qaeda members who escaped a Yemeni prison today. Hamza was killed in 2008 (thanks to Gregory Johnsen for that catch).

1634 GMT: The commander of NATO forces in Libya, Lt.-Gen. Charles Bouchard, has responded to calls for a ceasefire by stating that any lull in action would empower Gaddafi's forces. He dismissed claims that civilian casualties were on the rise, pointing out that very few of the air strikes have resulted in collateral damage, despite the fact that Gaddafi is still actively hiding amongst civilians while targeting civilians with his own strikes.

Bouchard also dismissed claims that a ceasefire was neccesary for humanitarian aid to reach civilians. He pointed out that aid is reaching civilians in rebel-controlled territory, and that Gaddafi was actively blocking this access in his own territory:

“A ceasefire, temporary in nature, cannot just be an opportunity for both sides to reload and engage in further violence down the road. We must continue to stay engaged to prevent that rearming from taking place and reinforcement from taking place,” he said.

“Truly, at the end of the day, if the Gadhafi regime wants their population to receive humanitarian assistance all they have to do is let the shipments go by.”

1616 GMT: The Associated Press is reporting fresh clashes in Bahrain, after 21 activists have been sentenced today, 8 of the with life sentences (see updates below):

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Syria, Libya (and Beyond) LiveBlog: So What's in a Speech?

Claimed footage of Syrian forces firing on protesters last Friday in the Khalidiya neighbourhood of Homs

2032 GMT: The BBC runs this report from Zliten, Libya...

1907 GMT: The US State Department Spokeswoman, Victoria Nuland, has defended a Syrian-government funded trip by a US ambassador to tour northern Syria. Nuland said that it was an opportunity for Ambassador Robert Ford to "see for himself the results of the Syrian government's brutality." According to Ford, the town of Jisr al-Shughour, a focus of the tour, was abandoned, and there were no civilians present to dispute the Syrian government's claims.

1844 GMT: An activist with sources in Libya is claiming that NATO has struck positions occupied by pro-Gaddafi forces near Nalut. Also, Gaddafi's forces in Ghazaya have also been hit by NATO aitstrikes five times in the last day, and his forces in Ruwais have also been struck:

"Mobile Communication cut off in southern  in the following cities :   ."

1811 GMT: Journalists in Libya are reporting that Misurata is once again being shelled by Gaddafi forces, potentially by Grad rockets. Three or four large explosions have been heard in the last hour, and there were explosions on Benghazi street.

According to Ben Wedeman:

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Yemen, Syria (and Beyond) LiveBlog: The Difficulty of Calm

1855 GMT: Varying reactions to the speech of Syrian President Assad....

Turkish President Abdullah Gul has said Assad's speech is "not enough", as the President should implement a multi-party-system; however, the deputy secretary-general of the Arab League, Ahmed bin Heli, said Syria is a "main factor of balance and stability in the region" and the League rejects any foreign intervention in its affairs.

1710 GMT: The journalists of the human rights organisation Avaaz claim the Damascus suburbs of Harasta and Arbeen the coastal city of Latakia have been locked down by security forces after protests today challenging the speech of President Assad.

The group asserts that security forces are currently conducting a random wave of arrests in Latakia, detaining dozens and chasing and attacking protesters through the side streets.

1705 GMT: Another protest in Syria reacting against President Assad's speech, this one in Binnish in Idlib Province in the northwest:

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