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Bahrain Live Coverage: The Many 10,000s Marching

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1500 GMT: The Gathering of National Unity, a largely Sunni organisation which emerged in 2011 in response to the protests challenging the regime, is holding a rally today in front of the Al Fateh Mosque:

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Bahrain Live Coverage: The Tortured Neurosurgeon

Democracy Now! with neurosurgeon Nabeel Hameed on his time in detention and the situation in the Kingdom (see 0740 GMT)

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Bahrain Live Coverage: Why Did Saudis Pour Cold Water on "Union"?

2005 GMT: Nabeel Rajab, the detained head of the Bahrain Human Rights Center, appeared in court today and rejected the claim that he used Twitter to incite riots and violence against policemen:


The charge against me is vindictive and is due to my rights activism. I only practiced my right to free expression. I did not commit a crime. The decision to arrest me and put me on trial was a political decision.

The judge adjourned the trial to Sunday. He ordered Rajab, who was arrested at Bahrain International Airport on 5 May, to remain in detention.

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