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Afghanistan Hearts-and-Minds Update: We're Sorry (But We Didn't Kill That Many of You)

farah-bombing21New York Times, 20 May: "Acknowledging the pain inflicted on the Afghan people by American airpower, [US Ambassador to Afghanistan] General [Karl] Eikenberry...called the May 4 aerial bombardment in Bala Baluk district a tragedy and pledged to sharply reduce the chances of civilian casualties in future operations."

CNN, 20 May: "U.S. airstrikes in western Afghanistan this month killed up to 65 Taliban insurgents and 30 Afghan civilians, according to interim results of a military investigation released Wednesday. The civilian deaths were 'most likely' accidental, a U.S. military source told CNN."

Reuters, 20 May: A NATO-led air raid may have killed eight civilians in Afghanistan, the alliance said on Wednesday.

Reader Comments (1)

Its very unlawful that americans are doing on this earth killing the innocents .they will repent one day for all this global dominance & sins that American politics is committing ,just think if the same thing happens to you .What would be your response.


May 20, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterRaaj

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