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Libya, Syria (and Beyond) LiveBlog: The Grind of the Fight

Protesters in the Barzeh section of the Syrian capital Damascus are beaten and put in the trunks of cars (see 0615 GMT)

2040 GMT: A series of developments in Syria tonight after the meeting of opposition activists and intellectuals in Damascus....

About 200 people attended the discussion. Lawyer Louay Hussein, one of the organisers, declared, "The tyrannical regime in power must go. We are here to speak openly and freely. The political system may fall and we must work from now to prevent society from crumbling."

In a joint statement, the participants declared that they would be "part of Syria's peaceful uprising for freedom and democracy and pluralism to establish a democratic state through peaceful means".

However, some Syrians abroad rejected the initiative. "I think the people meeting today are grooming themselves to be a part of that, but they are independents so they don't represent any of the main opposition fronts and coalitions," said Anas al-Abdah, London-based head of the Damascus Declaration's "abroad chapter". The group, one of Syria's best-known opposition groups, boycotted Monday's meeting as it "convenes with the agreement and consent of the Syrian security services".

Syrian authorities have set a date for a "national dialogue" beginning 10 July.

2035 GMT: Claimed footage of high school students in Kafranbel in northwest Syria:

1700 GMT: Another picture of the celebrations of the arrest warrants against Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi, his son Saif al-Islam, and head of intelligence Abdullah Senussi, this one from opposition-held Misurata in western Libya:

1340 GMT: A crowd in Benghazi, the centre of oppposition-held Libya, celebrates the announcement of International Criminal Court arrest warrants against Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi, his son Saif al-Islam, and head of intelligence Abdullah Senussi.

1335 GMT: More on today's trial of 28 medical staff in Bahrain (see 0910 GMT)....

The hearing lasted for about 30 minutes. A lawyer for the medics, accused of misdemeanors, told the judge he wanted to hear testimony from witnesses who were supposed to testify against the medics; however, the judge said that he would not allow this, as the witness have already spoken in a trial earlier this month against 20 doctors and nurses accused of more serious crimes.

The hearing was adjourned until 6 July.

1330 GMT: Video of a protest in Taiz in Yemen today, with a camel --- given shortages of gasoline for vehicles --- taking part:

1210 GMT: Protesters support Syrian President Assad in front of a Damascus conference centre where opposition activists met today.

1200 GMT: The International Criminal Court has issued arrest warrants for Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi, his son Saif al-Islam, and his head of intelligence Abdullah Senussi.

0910 GMT: A mass trial in Bahrain has begun for 28 doctors and nurses accused of joining th epro-reform protests that began in February and of spreading "false information".

A separate trial began earlier this month for 20 doctors and nurses accused of plotting against the regime.

0700 GMT: On Sunday, tens of thousands of protesters across Yemen called for a transitional council to replace President Saleh, demanding that his sons and relatives leave the country.

Saleh's son Ahmed, who commands the Republican Guards, is considered by some to be in effective charge as the President recovers in Saudi Arabia from wounds suffered in an attack at the start of June.

Meanwhile, the Republican Guards shelled the city of Taiz on Sunday as confrontations moved towards the airport.

0620 GMT: About 200 Syrian activists who are critical of the Assad regime are hoping to meet in Damascus on Monday.

The participants, with no affiliation to a specific political party, are gathering under the slogan, “All for Syria within a civil and democratic state.”

0615 GMT: Two contrasting videos from the Barzeh section of the Syrian capital Damascus. The first is of a claimed protest on Sunday, the second (now at top of entry) is of uniformed and plainclothes security forces beating demonstrators and stuffing them into car trunks during Friday's protests.

An activist said one person was killed in Barzeh on Sunday:

0500 GMT: On Sunday, firefights were reported between insurgents and regime forces 80 kilometres (50 miles) southwest of Tripoli. 

The battle was inconclusive, but it was a marker of the slow, grinding turn in the conflict. The opposition fighters had moved into the plains,  a marker that the insurgency has now secured towns and village of the western mountains. Similarly, the fighting west of Misurata --- 210 kilometres (130 miles) east of Tripoli --- may not be producing quick results, but it has superceded the bitter, bloody contest for Libya's third-largest city, now in the hands of the opposition.

Meanwhile, claimed Sunday video from Syria's coastal city of Latakia points to the persistence of protest:

And from Deir ez-Zor in the northeast:

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