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Syria Video Special: Another Defiant Night of Ramadan Protests

UPDATE 1335 GMT: We struggled to find good video of last night's protests in Aleppo, but now we have found a clip of good quality:

Welcome to another night of Ramadan. Already, the opposition, and the regime, have established a routine. Each night, protesters attend Taraweeh Prayers, leave their mosques, and march through the streets. Each night, the Syrian regime beats, arrests, tear gasses, and shoots civilians.

And for the second night in a row, we have posted videos from the night.

We start with live-streaming audio from Hama, where the Syrian military shells the city with tanks. Just moments before the stream drops out, a loud explosion can be heard nearby and intense chanting can also be heard:

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This VERY GRAPHIC video, claiming to have been taken earlier today in Hama, shows a civilian vehicle that was destroyed, while driving, by a Syrian tank shell. All inside were killed:

At dusk, protesters duck sniper fire in AL Qusoor, Hama

Protesters dodge gunfire in Sham, Midan, the heart of Damascus

Protesters run from gunfire tonight in Homs

Hama marches in protest, despite the shelling:

Hama, Al Amein St

Protesters run from gunfire in Medmah Sham, to the west of Daria, a Damascus Suburb

Massive protest in Msayfra, Daraa

Kafar Shams, Daraa

Damascus, behind the Al Razi Hospital, south east of the center of the city


The city of Idlib

Ma'arrat Numan, Idlib Province, between Aleppo and Hama

The People of Al Korah chant their support for Deir Ez Zor after Taraweeh Prayer

Barzeh, Damascus:

Lattakia, on the coast

Protesters chant and sing in Al Khalidiya, Homs

Binsh (Idlib Province)

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