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The Latest from Iran (1 November): Supreme Leader Tells His Top Officials "Stop Fighting"

1045 GMT: Economy Watch. Tehran Friday Prayer leader Hojatoleslam Kazem Seddiqi, address Basij members, has urged the public not to worry about rising prices and economic problems: "The devout will not deviate from the path because of these ups and downs."

0630 GMT: Oil Watch. OPEC reports that Iranian oil production fell again in October, sinking to its lowest point since the Iran-Iraq War in 1988.

Output dropped fell by 30,000 barrels per day to 2.67 million bpd, about 35% lower than its 2011 figure.

Iran sent more crude to South Korea in October, but at the cost of delaying some shipments to its biggest customer China, sources in the survey said.

0618 GMT: The Supreme Leader gave powerful confirmation on Wednesday of the fighting among his top offiicals, including President Ahmadinejad and the heads of Parliament and the judiciary. In a speech to students, he pronounced, “I warn the heads of the three branches to mind their own business.” 

We wait to see if Ahmadinejad and head of judiciary Sadegh Larijani, whose dispute over the President's request to visit Evin Prison flared into a public clash of authority last week, will obey. The same goes for Ahmadinejad and Speaker of Parliament Ali Larijani, who has supported his political ambitions with a series of statements criticising the Government's handling of the economy.

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