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Syria Live Coverage: Insurgents Storm The Prison in Idlib

Detainees in Idlib greet insurgents as they battle to take the prison

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2049 GMT: Casualties in Homs. Local doctor Mohammad Mohammad has said that more than 20 people, including a family, were killed in Homs, amid fighting around a road junction on a supply line to regime forces in the interior of the country.

In a video statement from a makeshift hospital, Mohammad displayed the bodies of five people whose remains had been charred.

"They are the Uzam family. The father, mother and three children --- the shabiha [pro-regime militia# burnt them completely, as part of the annihilation the regime is bringing on the area of Jobar-Kfar Aaya."

1759 GMT: Casualties. The Local Coordination Committees report 96 people killed today, including 37 in Aleppo Province, 29 in Damascus and its suburbs --- with 13 "field executed in Darayya" --- and 18 in Homs Province.

1751 GMT: Shelling. Destruction and casualties from regime shelling of the Al-Bab section of Aleppo (Warning: Graphic Images):

The Local Coordination Committees report at least 10 deaths.

Footage has been posted of children wounded in the attack.

1327 GMT: Shelling. Claimed footage of a regime attack today on the Damascus suburb of Darayya --- President Assad's forces have been trying to take over and control the town for weeks:

1320 GMT: Missile Defence. The first of NATO's Patriot anti-missile systems has been deployed on the Turkish border with Syria:

0700 GMT: Idlib Prison Captured by Insurgents. Opposition forces stormed the central Idlib prison on Friday, releasing 300 detainees. Videos showed the battle for the facility, the release of the prisoners, and the treatment of some inmates at a field hospital.

The Local Coordination Committees said 117 people were killed on Saturday, including 31 in Damascus and its suburbs, 18 in Homs Province, 18 in Daraa Province,  17 in Aleppo Province, and 16 in Idlib Province.

The organisation said there were 265 protests across the country.

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