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Iran Today: Presidential Election --- Will Rouhani Go Too Far For The Regime?

Rouhani At Saturday's Tehran Campaign Rally (Credit: Xinhua)

"This year, 2013, will not be the same as 2009," moderate Presidential candidate Hassan Rouhani told crowds in Tehran on Saturday, as his supporters chanted political slogans and called for the release of Mir-Hossein Mousavi.

The 2013 Presidential campaign --- fairly anodyne so far --- changed at Saturday at a campaign rally at Tehran's Jamaran Mosque, during which police arrested several people at the rally, Saedollah Badashti, the head of Rouhani's youth campaign. Radio Farda, quoting the Reformist website Kaleme, also named Mohammad Parsi, Shirin Mirkarami and Mohsen Rahmani among those arrested.

A video published by the Rouhani campaign showed supporters calling for Iran's detained political prisoners to be released, including Mousavi. Rouhani demanded that the country's "securitized atmosphere" be stopped.

"Our people deserve more peace, more freedom, more prosperity, more honor and more security. This is only possible with your presence. Don't let them discourage you. If people don't show up to vote on election day, they have effectively left the field open to your opponents," Rouhani said.

As the crowd called for a coalition between Presidential candidate Mohammad-Reza Aref and Rouhani, Rouhani said that the first step was to "ensure that we have many people lining up to vote".

"I will say this in a vague way --- this year, that is 2013, will not be the same as 2009," Rouhani said.

During his speech at the Jamaran Mosque, Rouhani also told the crowd that: "With your support, we will open all the locks which have been fastened upon people's lives during the past eight years. You - dear students and hero youth - are the ones who have come to restore the national economy and improve the people's living standards. We will bring back our country to the dignity of the past."

Reformist Candidate Aref Slams 2009 Election

Reformist Presidential candidate Mohammad-Reza Aref has spoken out in a radio interview on Sunday against "overt violations and inappropriate endorsements".

Aref said that since the 2009 election, all of Iran's media had been under the control of a single political group --- the Principlists. This, he said, must change.

Aref also said that Iranians are being asked by prospective employers about how they voted in past elections.

Culture Minister: Media "Harming Elections" Will Face Legal Action

Iran's Minister of Culture, Mohammad Hosseini has said that any media who publish material discouraging Iranians from participating in the June 14 Presidential election will face legal action.

Hosseini warned that Iran's enemies are working hard to discourage Iranians from voting on June 14, noting that German newspaper Der Spiegel had dubbed the election a "hollow show".

The Culture Minister also threatened to take action against domestic media --- even the hardline Keyhan, considered the voice of the Supreme Leader's Office --- should it too attempt to harm the election.

Rouhani Supporters: "Universities Are Not Barracks!"

Green website Kaleme has published a photo of what it says are supporters of Presidential candidate Hassan Rouhani, holding photographs of the detained former Presidential candidate Mir-Hossein Mousavi.

Others hold banners demanding freedom and equality and an end to dictatorship. One supporter is holding a banner that reads: Universities Are Not Barracks!

Credit to EA reader for the link.

Haddad-Adel: "I Won't Quit Presidential Race"

Presidential candidate and MP Gholam-Ali Haddad-Adel told reporters on Sunday that he would not step down from the Presidential race, saying that he "saw no reason" to do so.

Alongside Tehran mayor Mohammad-Baqer Qalibaf and Supreme Leader advisor Ali Akbar Velayati Haddad-Adel is a member of the tripartite Principlist 2+1 Coalition, formed last year with the aim of selecting a "consensus" candidate behind whom Principlists and conservatives could rally.

However, no "consensus" candidate has been declared, even though a new Principlist candidate --- Supreme National Security Council secretary Saeed Jalili --- entered the race.

Sunday's comments by Haddad-Adel appear to indicate that the Coalition has given up its plans of selecting a "consensus candidate".

Haddad-Adel told reporters that the 2+1 Coalition could "still win the race despite differences" and that the three members would continue to campaign "unless something extraordinary happens that convinces them to pick one member as the frontrunner."

Former Intel Minister says Rouhani "Fittest Person" For Job

Ali Younesi --- a former Intelligence Minister under Khatami --- has said that Presidential candidate Hassan Rouhani is the "fittest person for current situations", the Young Journalists Club report.

YJC quote Younesi as saying that, according to the Quran, jobs should be carried out by the right person.

Younesi added:

This means that you are obliged to give responsibilities to the appropriate person. Each and every one of you has to lay the government, which is the biggest social responsibility, in the hands of capable, trustworthy people.

Jalili Supporters Banned From Campaigning On Tehran Street

Supporters of Presidential candidate Saeed Jalili have apparently been prohibited from campaigning on Valiasr Street, one of Tehran's main thoroughfares.

We are monitoring the situation for updates.

Presidential Election Watch: Rezaei Edition

Rezaei: Iran Has Survived Western Sanctions

Presidential candidate Mohsen Rezaei has said that Iran has successfully managed to survive Western sanctions and the economic hardships they have brought.

Rezaei is emphasizing the economy and public participation in his campaign, and is traveling across Iran on campaign trail.

Rezaei Uses Social Media To Publicize Economic Policies

Presidential candidate Mohsen Rezaei uses his Twitter and Facebook accounts to promote his policies on the economy.

Rezaei --- who is an economist by training --- said he wants to change the "monoculture" of Iran's economy into a multifaceted economy strong in various areas including agriculture, industry and IT.

Presidential Election Watch: Jalili Edition

Baqeri Denies That Jalili Is Ahmadinejad's Candidate

Jalili's campaign manager, Ali Baqeri, has joined Jalili in denying that the Supreme National Security Council secretary is the government's candidate of choice.

Refuting the claim that Jalili was supported by the so-called "deviant current", Baqeri said that Jalili is a "true follower" of the Supreme Leader who has consistently acted according to Khamenei's principles and guidelines.

Moreover, Baqeri added, Jalili is the only candidate who "emphasizes the discourse of the Islamic Revolution."

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