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Bahrain Feature: The Story of Taqi Abdulla, a US Citizen Detained by the Regime


Taqi Abdulla

The "difference" in Abdulla's case is a US citizen. This is not to say that Abdulla warrants more attention because he has a US passport, but his case illustrates Washington's reluctance to engage with the specific, day-to-day, realities for others in Bahrain. Opting for quiet, behind-the-scenes diplomacy, the US is seen by many as fundamentally complicit in the path of repression --- not reform --- which the regime has pursued throughout 2012.

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Bahrain 1st-Hand Special: Friday's Manama Protests and the "Overwhelming Humane Side of People" (Ahlam Oun)

Jamila Hanan tweeted something today that hit the exact overwhelming sense I felt on Friday in Manama and could not find the words to describe it. She wrote:

Sometimes the world seems such a horrible place, but the more one exposes evil, the more one discovers that love is even stronger.

And it is very true. The hospitality, care, and their act of kindness was more powerful than all of the repression happening outside. They help people in need in spite of the danger of being raided and attacked any moment.

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