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Entries in Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (33)


Bahrain Feature: The Story of Taqi Abdulla, a US Citizen Detained by the Regime


Taqi Abdulla

The "difference" in Abdulla's case is a US citizen. This is not to say that Abdulla warrants more attention because he has a US passport, but his case illustrates Washington's reluctance to engage with the specific, day-to-day, realities for others in Bahrain. Opting for quiet, behind-the-scenes diplomacy, the US is seen by many as fundamentally complicit in the path of repression --- not reform --- which the regime has pursued throughout 2012.

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Bahrain Propaganda 101: The Regime Turns Britain's Criticism Into Praise

Claimed footage of police beating protester after funeral of a political prisoner, 3 October 2012

Consider this press release from the Bahrain News Agency on a statement on Friday by Hague's deputy, Minister of State Alistair Burt:

"He hailed the formation of the ombudsman at the Interior Ministry to probe complaints and grievances and supervising inquiries, pointing out that the issues revealed in the BICI report would require a long time to address."

Now consider what Burt actually wrote:

"We are concerned by some of the recent decisions taken by the Bahraini Government, particularly on human rights, and we’re clear that there are areas where progress on implementation has been too slow and others where it is lacking."

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Syria (and Beyond) Live Coverage: Re-Focusing on the Conflict

The moment that crowds charged the US Embassy in Yemen on Thursday

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MENA Video Special: The Biggest and Most Important Protests are in Syria

2146 GMT: Syria. Earlier we reported that the Free Syrian Army conducted an offensive against Assad positions in the Saleh el Dine district of Aleppo. We also reported that there were rumors that the Assad military retreated after the battle. Now, we've found many videos showing fighters inside the district today, claiming that they have captured the entire area. But this may be the most compelling evidence.

The video below claims to show the district being shelled, an activity that would not be possible if Assad troops were still in the district. Another video shows fires burning there, reportedly the result of the shelling:

The key to winning any battle is to maintain the initiative. The Assad regime is failing to do that. The FSA is mixing up attacks in the east with assaults on the military airport, and really disrupted the pattern of battle last weekend when they briefly captured a major military base in the heart of the city. The center of the city has been shelled for four days, and now this turn of events suggests that, at least for the moment, the Assad regime is more content to sit back and shell opposition forces than fight them on the streets.

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Bahrain Opinion: The Significance of the Detention and Treatment of Nabeel Rajab

Nabeel Rajab in July --- his last interview and his arrest by hooded security forces

Rajab's case appears to raise the stakes. On previous occasions since the start of the uprising in February 2011, including in the spring, he has been held but soon released. This time, the detention --- despite international criticism --- appears to be long-term and, if his wife is correct, accompanied by solitary confinement and ill treatment.

Is this a step beyond for the regime's approach to Rajab and other political prisoners, inflicting humiliation and exerting psychological torture while claiming a desire and dialogue and the pursuit of reform? And if so, is there any possible remedy for the situation?

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Bahrain Live Coverage: "Almost Broken, But Not Entirely So"

2145 GMT: A Bahraini defense lawyer says the court hearing of 20 medics, sentenced last year to prison terms of between five and 15 years by a military tribunal, ended in an adjournment for a month.

1955 GMT: Catching up after an academic day away....

After talks in Washington with Crown Prince Salman, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has urged Bahrain to take further steps to address human rights issues.

State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said the pair discussed Manama's efforts to implement the recommendations of the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry: "Clinton noted the steps already taken to implement the recommendations, but expressed that much work remains to fully address ongoing human rights issues, including individual cases. She encouraged the Bahraini government to champion a clear process -- in both word and action -- that leads to meaningful institutional and political reforms that take into account the interests and aspirations of all Bahrainis."

Nuland added, "Clinton affirmed the long-standing commitment of the United States to a strong partnership with both the people and the government of Bahrain."

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Bahrain Live Coverage: Detaining Activists --- The "Twitter Excuse"

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Bahrain Live Coverage: Prominent Activist Nabeel Rajab Arrested

Cartoon: Carlos Latuff1653 GMT: The regime-linked Gulf Daily News has announced police reforms, including the construction of a state-of-the-art forensic laboratory, a "crime academy" to train officers, and 500 additional "community officers".

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Bahrain Live Coverage: The Regime Loses A Friend in US Congress

When They Were Friends: US Congressional Delegate Eni Faleomavaega (left) with King Hamad's advisor (second from left)

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2030 GMT: King Hamad has ratified constitutional changes that he said herald political reconcilation: "The door of dialogue is open and national accord is the goal of all dialogue. We hope at this important stage that all national forces and groups...will join in development and reform."

The amendments bolster the legislature's powers to question and remove ministers and withdraw confidence in the Cabinet. They came out of a national dialogue the king mandated after last year's uprising.

The leading opposition society Al Wefaq was not satisfied, however. "The amendments have not changed the core of the dispute and have not ended the crisis. They have not met the people's hopes and they have consecrated the constitution of 2002 which gives the authorities the keys of government," said Khalil Marzouq, a senior member. "There is no way these amendments can reflect popular will."

The opposition want changes that would give the elected parliament full powers to legislate and form cabinets.

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Bahrain Analysis: Some Guy Wins Grand Prix, Regime Loses Legitimacy

Sunday's Grand Prix (Photo: Reuters)A Grand Prix run "without a hitch"? Not at all. The serious issue now is whether the regime will be successful in reducing the near-future to "just a hitch" which does not impede its legitimacy. The best it can hope for, however, is that media shrug their shoulders with the narrative of a "divided" Bahrain: that at least gives the authorities the Emperor's new clothes of stalwart support from a minority on the island, facing a more dangerous minority (Molotovs. Religious Extremism. Iran.) ---- and thus stability must be assured.<

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Bahrain Document: Amnesty International on Regime's "Flawed Reforms"

A policeman challenges activist Zainab Alkhawaja, shortly before her arrest, 15 December 2011

Amnesty International, in a 58-page report, documents how the regime, despite the King's proclamation of "sweeping and broad" reforms, has failed to make significant changes since the November 2011 report of the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry. The organisation outlines a series of political, legal, and social measures which must be implemented for any notions of fairness, justice, and rights to take hold.

The Conclusions and Recommendations:

Important recommendations contained in the BICI [Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry] report have yet to be fully implemented.

These include recommendations dealing with accountability for the human rights violations carried out in connection with anti-government protests in 2011. The reported investigations of allegations of torture and unlawful killings by the security forces have been shrouded in secrecy. So far only nine low-ranking policemen have been put on trial. The new investigative body, placed under the PPO, lacks independence, impartiality and effectiveness. Scores of prisoners, tried unfairly in military courts and sentenced to long-term prison sentences, have not been released although they were convicted solely for leading and participating in antigovernment protests without using or advocating violence. Police brutality continues unabated with daily excessive use of force to deal with demonstrators. Reports of torture and other ill-treatment continue to reach Amnesty International.

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Bahrain Propaganda Special: Introducing the Regime's Best Friends in the US Congress

Owly Images

Members of Congress Jim Himes (second from left), Eni Faleomaveaga (third from left), and Marcia Fudge (third from right) with the President of Bahrain's Information Affairs Authority, Shaikh Fawaz bin Mohammed Al Khalifa (fourth from right)

So four Representatives, two of them long-established supporters of the Bahraini regime, are currently visiting the Kingdom and providing photo opportunities and articles praising the "sweeping and broad" reforms of King Hamad.

Who's paying? Well, let's just say that if it is not the dime of the US taxpayers, let's just speculate that the regime's quarter and half-dollar might be involved, with a helping hand from the Bahrain American Council.

And what effect might this have on US foreign policy --- and the presentation of Bahrain in the US media --- as the political conflict continues?

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