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Iran Audio Analysis: The Downfall of Ahmadinejad, The Resumption of Nuclear Talks --- Scott Lucas with the BBC and Monocle 24

I spoke with Monocle 24's The Briefing and BBC Radio 4's The World Tonight yesterday about the rush of developments from Iran --- the humiliation of President Ahmadinejad in Parliament, the arrest of his senior advisor Saeed Mortazavi, and the agreement to resume nuclear talks with the 5+1 Powers.

The BBC Radio 4 coverage begins at the 35:33 mark. My interview starts at 37:33.

The Monocle 24 interview ---- listen on The Briefing homepage or in a pop-out window --- begins at the 13:39 mark.

Take-away lines: "Ahmadinejad has effectively been removed as a political force. He is finished." ---- "This attack on Ahmadinejad was not just carried out by [Speaker of Parliament Ali] Larijani. It has the blessing of the Supreme Leader."

"We are not talking about a deal in the nuclear talks. What is significant is that, as long as the talks are alive, this keeps the military option off the table." --- "Sanctions can bring Iran to the table, but they cannot force an agreement."

"We now have to look to a different Iran, without Ahmadinejad on the scene."


US Audio Feature: History, Politics, and "Gun Culture" --- Scott Lucas with the BBC

Charlton Heston, President of the National Rifle Association, 20 May 2000: You Will Take This Gun "From My Cold, Dead Hands"

See also US Audio Feature: Why Can't America Have Gun Control? --- Scott Lucas with the BBC

On Monday, at the end of a day of 11 interviews with BBC outlets, I spoke with BBC Radio 4's flagship programme "World Tonight" about the historical setting for America's "gun culture" and the difficulties of introducing gun control....

The discussion begins at the 17.07 mark.