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US Audio Feature: History, Politics, and "Gun Culture" --- Scott Lucas with the BBC

Charlton Heston, President of the National Rifle Association, 20 May 2000: You Will Take This Gun "From My Cold, Dead Hands"

See also US Audio Feature: Why Can't America Have Gun Control? --- Scott Lucas with the BBC

On Monday, at the end of a day of 11 interviews with BBC outlets, I spoke with BBC Radio 4's flagship programme "World Tonight" about the historical setting for America's "gun culture" and the difficulties of introducing gun control....

The discussion begins at the 17.07 mark.


The Arizona Shootings: Getting to the Missing Point --- "It's Guns, Stupid" (Matlin)

The repercussions and the debate around this episode will continue for years. But you can be certain that a question  poseed elsewhere --- “Where did the alleged attacker Jared Lee Loughner get the gun?” --- will not be a priority in America. From The New York Times to The Washington Post to CNN and MNSBC, this query was not being posed, let alone answered. No one wants to touch the subject of gun ownership. It has become the third rail of politics.

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