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EA Audio Analysis: Responding to The Bombs at the Boston Marathon --- Scott Lucas with the BBC

I have done six interviews today with BBC outlets, including BBC Radio 5 Live, about Monday's bombs at the Boston Marathon.

BBC Radio 5 Live: The interview begins at 2:43.25
BBC West Midlands: The discussion starts at 2:12.16
BBC London: The interview starts at 7:19
BBC Three Counties: The discussion starts at 1:16.50
BBC Scotland: The interview begins at 1:10.20.
BBC Coventry and Warwickshire: The chat starts at 2:07.38

I found some of the discussion to be the most personal I have had with media outlets. After dealing with questions about how the authorities are responding to the crisis and after criticising unfounded --- and thus dangerous --- speculation about who carried out the double bombing, I faced questions about the significance of the attacks coming on Patriots' Day and what has it meant for people in Boston, where I lived for two years.

See also US Opinion: The Bombs at the Marathon --- What Patriots' Day Means to a Bostonian

My answer was that I hoped that the response of Bostonians --- and others --- would be a firm reply to terrorism, not by a call for retribution without knowing exactly who attacked, but through the community recovering and showing that it would not intimidated by violence.

I had to fight a bit to get that message out. While Radio 5 Live was admirable in how it handled the interview, BBC London's host was trying to insist that the Boston attacks would intimidate those in the British capital from attending this Sunday's Marathon. My interview on BBC Three Counties followed a "counter-terrorism expert" who wanted to declare that Al Qa'eda was clearly responsible for Monday's bombs. And BBC Scotland kept pressing the case that America should be "more hawkish".

Still, I hope at least an element of my thoughts came across.


Syria Audio Feature: The Israeli Airstrikes...Now What? --- Scott Lucas with the BBC

Defense Research Facility Hit by Airstrike on WednesdayI joined BBC Radio Scotland this morning to assess the aftermath of Wednesday's Israeli air attacks on Syrian targets.

The take-away line: the primary effect of Israel's airstrikes will not be on the Syrian conflict --- that outcome still turns on the battle between the Assad regime and the insurgency --- and it will not be "retaliation" by Iran and Syria against Israeli territory.

Instead, the likely impact will be on the region beyond Syria. Watch in particular for an escalation of tension between Israel and Hezollah on the Israeli-Lebanese border.

The discussion begins at the 2:18.12 mark.