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Syria Audio Special: The Importance of the Damascus Bomb --- Scott Lucas with Monocle 24

Smoke rising from Damascus this morning

I spoke with Monocle 24's Midori House this evening about the Damascus bombing and other events across Syria --- the conversation ranged from the impact upon President Assad to the impact upon the Syrian people. Take-away line, echoing EA's James Miller, "Beyond the bomb, the significance is in the damage to confidence in the regime."

To get to the discussion, click on the Midori House site and press Play for 18 July. The item begins at 6:43, with my contribution starting from 9:42.


Syria, Bahrain (and Beyond) LiveBlog: The Damascus Bombs

Footage from the scene of one of the bombings this morning in Damascus (Warning: Graphic Images)

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Thursday's Syria, Bahrain, Egypt (& Beyond) LiveBlog: Protest Resurgent

UPDATE: EA has received reports that the Baba Amr district in Homs has been attacked by Syrian forces. As such, we have launched a new liveblog (as it is now the 24th), where we will cover the latest developments on the attack.

2359 GMT: A prayer service tonight for 9 martyrs killed in the Baba Amr district of Homs:

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