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Syria Live Coverage: "We Will Pursue Terrorist Groups Until Victory"

2206 GMT: Location of Airstrike. Felim McMahon, of Storyful, has placed the explosions and various camera angles of the videos from Aleppo University on a map. As you can see, the new "smoking gun" video is marked in blue:

Felim is excellent at what he does, so the map is very likely accurate. But there's a way to check his accuracy. There is approximately a 600-700 millisecond delay between the flash of the explosion to the sound of the explosion. That means that the person walking is approximately 200 meters away when the explosion goes off - which matches Felim's map exactly.

There's another very important piece of information. The missile strike came from the south. We know the missile was behind the camera because we hear the missile before we hear the explosion. We also know that a jet fighter would have to line up on the road in order to strike this accurately.

This means that the jet fighter came from the direction of the major Assad military and airforce bases in the south.

Also, Felim says that there were 3 minutes between the 2 strikes. Again, this means that the pilot would have to fire the missile, circle around, and fire again.

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