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Palestine (and Beyond) Live Coverage: Israel Looks for Calm after Death of Palestinian Detainee

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2126 GMT: UAE. Two days after denying entry to a British academic scheduled to present a conference paper on Bahrain, two Bahrain-based journalists --- Associated Press reporter Reem Khalifa and her husband, Mansoor al-Jamri, chief editor for the independent Al Wasat newspaper, have been turned away.

Khalifa and al-Jamri were on a private trip to Dubai. No explanations were given for the refusal of entry.

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Syria, Bahrain (and Beyond) LiveBlog: Conflict Moves Towards the Centre

Two videos of the thousands in the funeral procession in Ala'ali in Bahrain, for a man killed on Wednesday after an incident with a police jeep, before the march was dispersed by security forces:

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2013 GMT: Claimed footage from Ala'ali in Bahrain of stone-throwing youth defying fire from security forces:

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Syria (and Beyond) LiveBlog: Raising Shoes to Assad


Syria, Libya (and Beyond) LiveBlog: In the Camps

A refugee camp of Syrians in Turkey (Reuters)

2110 GMT: NATO has acknowledged that an airstrike on the Libyan capital Tripoli may have caused "a number of civilian casualties" when a residential building was destroyed.

The Libyan regime, claiming nine people were killed and six injured, has been showing foreign journalists the building site and taking them to a hospital where casualties have been taken.

"This is cold-blooded murder," regime spokesman Moussa Ibrahim said amidst the rubble of the building. "Is this the protection of civilians? Is this really the search for peace and democracy in Libya, to attack peaceful neighborhoods of Tripoli?"

NATO said in a statement Sunday that a military missile site was the strike's intended target: "However, it appears that one weapon did not strike the intended target and that there may have been a weapons system failure."

The development has already had an effect on reporting: the BBC's Jeremy Bowen, in a lengthy report tonight that highlighted the damage and hostile reactions of local residents, declared, "For NATO, this has been the worst day since the start of the conflict."

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Bahrain Video: Editor al-Jamri on Suppression of an Independent Newspaper and His Trial

Until this spring, Mansoor al-Jamri was the editor of Bahrain's largest independent newspaper, al-Wasat. However, in the regime crackdown against dissent, State media launched a propaganda campaign against the publication in March. Jamri and his two top editors resigned; within days, they were arrested.

On Wednesday, al-Jamri was at Bahrain's High Criminal Court, tried on charges that al-Wasat intentionally published false news reports to destabilize the regime. At his lawyer's request, the trial was adjourned until June.

Al-Jamri is interviewed by Margaret Warner of the US Public Broadcasting Service:

Watch the full episode. See more PBS NewsHour.

MARGARET WARNER: Why do you think you have been singled out for prosecution?

MANSOOR AL-JAMRI: I'm really very surprised, because I was part and parcel of the reform process.

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