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Egypt Video Feature: The Deaths at Maspero

The atmosphere in Egypt is tense. There is concern, nine months after the fall of Hosni Mubarak, about the hard task of building a nation, as Observers warn, "Two weeks before parliamentary elections billed as a first big step toward democracy, there are new signs that the generals still ruling Egypt are trying to steer the transition to preserve their vast political and economic power." The military rulers have imposed punishment on 11,697 civilians since February. Prominent activists like Alaa Abd-El Fattah are detained.

In the midst of this is an incident on 9 October, when 28 people were killed after a march, mainly of Coptic Christians, was attacked in the Maspero section of Cairo. The regime blamed protesters for causing trouble and assaulting the military. Activists say the deaths were due to the security forces --- this is their account of that evening:


Egypt Letter: Returning to Mubarak's Prisons (Alaa)

Alaa at Personal Democracy ForumI did not expect that the very same experience would be repeated after five years, after a revolution in which we have ousted the tyrant, I go back to jail.

The memories of being incarcerated have returned, all the details, from the skills of being able to sleep on the floor with eight colleagues in a small cell (2 x 4 meters) to the songs and discussions of the inmates. But I am completely unable to remember how I secured my glasses while asleep. They was trampled upon three times in one day. I realize suddenly that they are the very same pair I had when I was jailed in 2006, and that I am imprisoned, now, pending investigation under similar flimsy accusations and reasons of that incarceration, the only difference is that we have exchanged State Security prosecution with military prosecution: a change fitting to the military moment we are living.

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Egypt Special: Dramatic Footage from the Maspero Attacks

On Sunday, at least 24 people were killed in the Maspero district of Cairo as Coptic Christians protested their inadequate protection by the Egyptian government. The military says that they were attacked by protesters, and the protesters say that they were attacked by other civilans, the media, and the military.

We supply the videos here for your viewing. Judge them for yourself.

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