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Egypt (and Beyond) Live Coverage: Fighting in Cairo Kills 3 After Port Said Court Verdicts

Protesters in front of the Ministry of Interior in Cairo on Saturday

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Saturday's Egypt (and Beyond) Live Coverage: Port Said Braces for Protests After Court Verdicts

2122 GMT: Egypt. Al Jazeera English profiles Colonel Ahmed Wasfi, "the man who came in as the police departed, and the man who is now in charge of getting Port Said running again" after weeks of clashes and protests:

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Egypt Special: Dramatic Footage from the Maspero Attacks

On Sunday, at least 24 people were killed in the Maspero district of Cairo as Coptic Christians protested their inadequate protection by the Egyptian government. The military says that they were attacked by protesters, and the protesters say that they were attacked by other civilans, the media, and the military.

We supply the videos here for your viewing. Judge them for yourself.

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Egypt Video Special: Military Breaks Up Tahrir Square Sit-In

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Al Jazeera describes what happened early on Monday, as the Egyptian military cleared Tahrir Square, Cairo, of all protesters, breaking the long-standing sit-in protest there:

The Army arrives outside the square

As the army arrived, some groups tried to form a human chain to stop them from entering the Tahrir Square:

The army moves in

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Egypt in Pictures: Sunday in Tahrir Square in Cairo

Egyptian protester climbs traffic lights to place the national flag (Ahmed Desouki)

Opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei speaks to supporters (Peter Macdiarmid)

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Egypt Feature: Cairo "A Modern City in Collapse" (Elmeshad)

A simple stroll through the streets of downtown Cairo reveals the achingly obvious and unfortunate truth about the city.  The first thing that leaps to mind is the complete impasse as far as traffic congestion and pollution are concerned.  Almost equally obvious is that urban planners have not necessarily been kind to pedestrians. The emergence of new suburban and industrial zones is contributing to Cairo’s rapid expansion and is constantly posing new problems of environment and infrastructure.

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