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Egypt (and Beyond) Live Coverage: Fighting in Cairo Kills 3 After Port Said Court Verdicts

Protesters in front of the Ministry of Interior in Cairo on Saturday

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Saturday's Egypt (and Beyond) Live Coverage: Port Said Braces for Protests After Court Verdicts

2122 GMT: Egypt. Al Jazeera English profiles Colonel Ahmed Wasfi, "the man who came in as the police departed, and the man who is now in charge of getting Port Said running again" after weeks of clashes and protests:

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Egypt (and Beyond) Live Coverage: Port Said Braces for Protests After Court Verdicts

Soldiers stand guard in front of the Security Directorate on Friday (Photo: Reuters)

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1715 GMT: Egypt. Three people have now been killed in clashes in Cairo, following the verdicts handed down over the Port Said football deaths, is now three.

An eight-year-old child and a worker were found dead inside Omar Makram mosque near CTahrir Square. Both were killed by birdshot during fighting near Qasr El-Nil Bridge.

Ambulance personnel refused to transport the corpses to the morgue, leaving them at the mosque instead.

1625 GMT: Egypt. Back from a Saturday day to find that a protester has been killed by tear gas inhalation near Qasr El-Nil Bridge in Cairo.

Fadel Ahmed Abdel-Qader, 36, died after he was transferred to Qasr El-Eini Hospital suffering from breathing problems.

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Egypt (and Beyond) Live Coverage: Protests Continue in Port Said

One of this week's protests in Port Said in Egypt

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1910 GMT:Egypt. President Morsi will call a Parliamentary election, to be held in three or four stages, starting in April.

"The president will issue a decree soon, it could be tonight, calling for elections to start in April," a source in his office told Reuters.

1900 GMT:Morocco. Reporters Without Borders has condemned the 10-month prison sentence handed down last week to citizen journalist Mohamed Attaoui on the charge of “working as a local official despite being suspended”.

Attaoui was arrested on 21 January in town of Tounfite north-central Morocco while photographing homes that are unfit for habitation for a report he intended to publish.

The president and general secretary of the Tounfite Group, a grass-roots association to which Attaoui belongs, were also arrested and have been sentenced to a year and eight months in prison, respectively.

Following his arrest, Attaoui was placed in solitary confinement and was not allowed a visit from his wife until 18 February.

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Egypt (and Beyond) Live Coverage: Morsi Declares 30-Day State of Emergency

1435 GMT: Yemen. 8 soldiers have been killed and 10 wounded in a car bombing at a military checkpoint:

The attack in the town of Radda was likely a retaliatory move by al Qaeda militants after Yemeni forces shelled insurgents in the southern province of al-Bayda earlier in the day, one of the officials said.

Earlier, 4 people were killed, including one soldier in an attack launched by the Yemeni army on alleged Al-Qaeda militants in the province of Baydaa’, center of the country, according to tribal and medical sources.

1413 GMT: Mali. The Independent of London reports on the killing of 12 civilians and injuring of 15 in French airstrikes earlier this month on the town of Konna.

The attack happened soon after the French intervention on 11 January, as the forces tried to dislodge insurgents who had recently taken the town.

Three of those killed were under the age of 11.

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