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Egypt Special: Building A Nation in Tahrir Square (Salem)

A scene as night falls in Tahrir Square (Photo: Isabel Esterman)

If Tahrir is a microcosm of modern-day Egypt with all of its issues --- and it managed to get there in a week --- then being there for the next few days is crucial to understand what might happen in the next few years and how to prevent it. The lessons that we will learn from being there now, about our problems and the proposed solutions to solve them, are invaluable for a nation that is seeking a new beginning like ours, not one that we created from scratch like Tahrir [has been]. All of those people with ready-made solutions should go and try them out there before proposing it nation-wide. All of those people from outside who know how to best solve our problems should come and help us solve them, because as a nation we will also need this help from Egyptians from abroad, whether we like it or not. Basically if you are interested in figuring out what the problems facing our society and the best way to solve them, Tahrir is where you should be heading to right now.

And you must stay with us, and help us in every way you can if you choose that responsibility. We no longer want tourists who want to have fun and give advice from afar, we want people who love this country so much that they are willing to get their hands dirty, even if it means standing at a security checkpoint for two hours a day, and spending the rest with your friends there. Let’s go, and try, and fail and learn with us there, because that’s better done in Tahrir than in Egypt. It’s really simple: If everything is hazy, and you want to know what’s going to happen next in the country, Tahrir, right now, even if this sit-in lasts for one more day, is the place to be.

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Egypt Video: Before and After Troops Broke Up Tahrir's Protests

Army withdraw after the clear-out of Tahrir Square

Tahrir Square this morning

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Egypt Video: The Military Push Protesters Out of Tahrir Square

Footage of the military operation this afternoon on Tahrir Square in Cairo, clearing out protesters from the symbolic centre of the uprising that toppled President Mubarak:



Egypt in Pictures: Today's Ceremony at Tahrir Square in Cairo


Egypt Video: The "New Normal" in Tahrir Square

Evan Hill of Al Jazeera English shot this footage in Tahrir Square on Cairo on Saturday, recording the removal of barricades, the clean-up of the square, the handing--out of flyers, and some skirmishes:


Egypt Video: When Tahrir Square Heard Mubarak Had Resigned

Footage taken by Evan Hill of Al Jazeera English just after the crowd in Tahrir Square in Cairo heard of the resignation of former President Hosni Mubarak:


Egypt Special: A Lesson Learned About Twitter From Al Jazeera

Twitter is just another communication tool, there to be leveraged by anyone with the will and the ambition. Yet just as Al Jazeera’s coverage of Egypt would sound ridiculous if described as "Television Revolution", so do straw=man notions of a "Twitter Revolution" in Iran, or indeed anywhere else. The Twitter of 2011 looks like it will become a mature, integrated part of the media landscape: if protesters in Tahrir Square did not have access, it still had a role to play in bringing the story to the outside world.

The jury’s still out on what Al Jazeera’s rise in prominence meant for the people of Egypt. As with Iran in 2009, we may never know just how many people inside the country were getting their information from these sources. But the jury is definitely in on how the channel has benefited greatly from positioning itself as the source of information from Egypt among mainstream news outlets, and it can thank social media for a pivotal influence in this rise.

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Egypt in Pictures: Sunday in Tahrir Square in Cairo

Egyptian protester climbs traffic lights to place the national flag (Ahmed Desouki)

Opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei speaks to supporters (Peter Macdiarmid)

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