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Libya LiveBlog: Disappearing and Re-Appearing Qaddafis

Insurgents take control of Muammar Qaddafi's compound, ripping his portrait and climbing atop a statue marking the 1986 US attack on Tripoli

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Monday's Libya LiveBlog: The Last Push Against Former Leader Qaddafi

2100 GMT: Luke Harding of The Guardian offers a night-time summary of the situation in Tripoli:

Luke Harding tonight (mp3)

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Libya LiveBlog: The Last Push Against Former Leader Qaddafi

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Monday's Syria (and Beyond) LiveBlog: Meanwhile, In Another Uprising....

1950 GMT: State TV newsreader Hala al Misrati, who achieved a bit of extra notoriety on Saturday night when she brandished a gun on-air and said she would defend the station from anyone who dared attack it (see EA special entry), has been detained. Insurgents told a CNN reporter who tried to interview her, that "she is unharmed".


1935 GMT: Al Jazeera is reporting that a NATO warplane intercepted a Scud missile fired from Sirte, presumably by regime forces, in Libya.

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The Latest from Iran (22 August): A Death Threat Against Ahmadinejad's Right-Hand Man

1810 GMT: Deviant Current Watch. Hojatoleslam Mehdi Hosseini, the deputy education manager of Qom's religious seminaries, has said that the "deviant current" --- the label for advisors around President Ahmadinejad --- is much more dangerous than the "fitna (sedition) group".

1730 GMT: Rafsanjani Watch. Has Hashemi Rafsanjani's brother Mohsen Hashemi tipped off the former President's election strategy?

Hashemi said he was not sure if he would run for Parliament; however, he advised that "moderate hardliners" and reformers should unite, as "you cannot run a country with radicals".

Hashemi, who resigned as the chief executive officer of the Tehran Metro earlier this year said that the country needs efficiency and realism "which have been lost". Politically, President Ahmadinejad had topped everything "by libelling his rivals".

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